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Will just reducing bread and pasta do anything?

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HouseOfSix Wed 08-Aug-18 10:21:26

My personal trainer suggested cutting down on bread and pasta to help shift tummy fat, so I've been looking into reducing carbs. To be honest I feel totally overwhelmed by the bootcamp stuff. It's interesting but not possible for me. I have two tiny children, breastfeeding and hardly have a minute to shower or eat a slice of toast never mind do a low carb bootcamp. I think it might be possible to cut down a lot on bread and pasta though - these two items make up the majority of our diet blush and I tend to eat what the toddler is eating ie toast, sandwiches, spaghetti Bolognese, mashed potatoes etc...

From experience is it a 'every little helps' or an 'all or nothing' situation when it comes to low carbing?

PS I am exercising a bit more and cutting out chocolate etc and that seems to be helping. I have a lot of post baby weight to lose - about 1.5stone

BIWI Sat 11-Aug-18 18:25:46

It will certainly help you, but you need to be careful what else you're eating - just give it a go and see!

rightknockered Mon 20-Aug-18 14:24:00

I'm no expert, and not on the low carb bootcamp really. But the first thing I did was cut out sugar, and all foods containing sugar. I then cut out high sugar fruit, bread, pasta and wheat based foods. I increased fats to help with hunger, ate better sources of protein. I fell into it naturally, now couldn't imagine eating the way I was a year ago.
I've found that with improving my own diet, my children have followed suit and now rarely eat sugary foods and never ask me for sweets, they choose to have high quality whole carbs, and no longer pester me for take aways.

MrsSteptoe Mon 20-Aug-18 14:33:39

Definitely no expert, but what I found was that when I cut out bakery goods, it really helped for the simple reason that bakery goods are my go-to grazing choice. (And I wasn't trying to lose lots of weight, I was already at the lighter end of my normal weight range for my age and height, I just wanted to drop a few more pounds.)

Removing bakery goods from the menu, as it were, meant that either I didn't graze, which was great, or, if I did, then I'd have something that I don't find so more-ish like a cube of cheddar.

I honestly don't know about the science side of carbs, I just found it was a good way of limiting the grazing that tends to be my undoing.

Incidentally, there was some recent scientific evidence to suggest that pasta that had been cooked and cooled is better than freshly cooked, and that pasta that's been cooked, cooled, and then recooked for eating hot is best of all.

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