Questions/confused, I dont understand the spreadsheet thing. Could people just put low carb meal and snack ideas on this thread?

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prettybird Thu 09-Aug-18 19:43:13

Sometimes it can be as simple as the spreadsheet taking time to load. But how would you know that? wink

Nannyplumshairstyle Thu 09-Aug-18 19:36:10

Thank you sorry I felt so exasperated at how difficult it was to find!

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prettybird Wed 08-Aug-18 09:36:49

And there are loads of recipe threads "stickied" on this topic with ideas for meals.

prettybird Wed 08-Aug-18 09:36:03

Milk, cheese, avocado, slices of meat, veg (like brussels) cooked in butter, Full Fat Greek yoghurt with some cinnamon all make good snacks.

prettybird Wed 08-Aug-18 09:32:22

There are different tabs on the spreadsheet which have the rules and also various links to reading that is useful.

The link will have taken you through to the weight tab. Sometimes if you're on (eg) a phone, it's difficult to see the other tabs - or they take a while to load - so maybe try on a laptop?

If you have a look through the threads on this topic, the one entitled "Week 1 and some other descriptor " will have the Rules in the OP (Original Post).

alwaysonadiet1 Wed 08-Aug-18 09:13:56

Sorry I don't know how to link, but if you scroll through all the posts in low carb boot camp you will find one with the title 'May low carb boot camp week 1 - here we go' where BIWI has written out all the rules.

Nannyplumshairstyle Wed 08-Aug-18 07:30:47

The spreadsheet doesn't tell me anything apart from what you all weigh?
How do you do low carb?
Could people possibly give some idea as to what they find a good LCHF snacks/ meals?
Is milk/ cheese okay?
Thank you.

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