Too much fat?

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desperatehousewife2 Wed 01-Aug-18 12:28:21

True. Just hope I see another loss by Monday. I have to remind myself weight loss isn’t linear but would be nice to see 10 stone something on the scales. I’ve been hovering around 11-2 for months.

Drinking 3+ litres a day.

Thanks for your help, really appreciate it!

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BIWI Wed 01-Aug-18 11:57:16

Also make sure you're drinking plenty of water

BIWI Wed 01-Aug-18 11:56:44

But you lost 5lbs ! What more do you expect? I'd be delighted with that smile

desperatehousewife2 Wed 01-Aug-18 08:41:05

Thanks BIWI. Starting to feel a little disheartened as have lost nothing since I weighed myself last Thursday. Will keep an eye on the cream and cheese intake.

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BIWI Tue 31-Jul-18 16:42:18

You will be fine. This is meant to be a high fat diet.

Why not do some reading about low carbing to reassure yourself? Find the Bootcamp spreadsheet (linked to in the first post of every Week's chat thread) and read some of the resources there. (On the tabs at the bottom).

However, one thing to be wary of is dairy - which doesn't include butter! - as you can eat too much cream/cheese. But butter, fatty cuts of meat, olive oil, etc are all perfect

desperatehousewife2 Mon 30-Jul-18 20:19:30

Started bootcamp last Monday and by Thursday had lost 5lbs. Nothing since then but that’s ok.

My question is, have I taken the ‘unlimited’ butter a bit too literally? I’d be too embarrassed to tell you how much I’ve had but it’s a LOT let me tell you. How much is too much butter in one week, can anyone let me know how much they get through?

That’s along with the cheese, the cream, the fatty cuts of meat - are my arteries going to be blocked by Wednesday?

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