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Will there be a June boot camp?

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devoncreamtea Sun 27-May-18 14:24:35


Just wondering if these lc boot camps are monthly affairs or if I ought to be joining the current one? Tried lc before, loved it, but wobbled off after pregnancy and never restarted...

ilovecherries Sun 27-May-18 16:24:13

Join the current one smile. It still has 8 weeks to run, then the next one will be October-ish if it follows the same pattern as last year. They last 10 weeks.

devoncreamtea Sun 27-May-18 21:34:55

Ok! Thanks will get organised then!

BIWI Tue 29-May-18 21:55:31

Sorry @devoncreamtea! I do three a year - one starts in May, on in October and one in January. As they last for 10 weeks, there's not much time to fit any more in

devoncreamtea Wed 30-May-18 13:57:47

Thanks BIWI! Missed the May start, but have read back on the first week advice and will follow it by myself and see how I get on. Enjoying reading the info and menus etc, all very helpful and motivating. I will join the October boot camp proper I think, but happy to spend the next months giving this WOE a go and seeing how I feel...🙂

BIWI Wed 30-May-18 15:35:38

Just jump in and join us! Much easier to do it alongside other people

Waswittyonce Wed 30-May-18 16:26:12

Definitely, you must @devoncreamtea, there have been others who have only just joined in, you're not alone! It's my first bc and I've found it really helpful learning loads from other posters and keeping me interested and on tracksmile

devoncreamtea Wed 30-May-18 17:21:23

Ok! Thank you!

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