What brands of butter are from grass fed cows?

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Plantlover Sun 13-May-18 16:37:05

Anyone know?

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Mymouthgetsmeintrouble Sun 13-May-18 16:39:49


BIWI Sun 13-May-18 16:39:52

From paleo-britain.co.uk

Grass-fed butter
Best choice: raw, grass-fed + organic
Hook and Son www.hookandsonfarmshop.co.uk sell raw butter, both unsalted and salted but you can only buy it alongside their milk and other products
Waitrose and Ocado www.ocado.com sell Isigny Sainte-Mere raw butter, both unsalted and salted
Kerrygold is probably the most readily available grass-fed butter (it’s not raw); it is stocked in most UK supermarkets. Cows are grass-fed for up to 312 days per year.
Middle choice: Yeo Valley do organic unsalted and salted butters, available in most supermarkets. The cows are only grass-fed for part of the year.

BIWI Sun 13-May-18 16:40:25

No idea what raw butter is though!

SavoyCabbage Sun 13-May-18 16:42:30

I know raw milk is banned in some countries. When I was living in Australia people were selling it as ‘bath milk’ in order to be able to sell it legally and people were giving it to their dc and a child died.

BIWI Sun 13-May-18 16:43:05

raw butter

EmilyAlice Sun 13-May-18 16:43:49

I think raw butter would be from unpasteurised milk. Here in Normandy we get big slabs of it in the markets.


EmilyAlice Sun 13-May-18 16:45:07

We get lait cru and crème crue too. All delicious.

Plantlover Sun 13-May-18 17:03:41

Does anyone know if Aldi does a grass fed butter?

I feel like I remember one in a silver packet?

Thanks for all the replies. I read up on the raw butter but I can't easily get to a wait rose.

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Fishcakey Sun 13-May-18 17:15:52

Kerry gold is in all the supermarkets.

BIWI Sun 13-May-18 18:31:26

Being in a silver packet isn't necessarily that it's raw butter - it's more likely to be a lactic butter, one that has a lactic culture in it, like Lurpak. (As opposed to a sweet cream butter, which tends to have a yellow or gold pack, like Anchor)

Plantlover Sun 13-May-18 23:22:14

Sorry BIWI I meant I think it was grass fed butter.

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puffylovett Sun 13-May-18 23:26:05

There’s a shop in Alsager that sells amazing raw grass fed French butter and will ship it out to you.. they sel all manner of raw / cultured / fermented produce online smile

TimeIhadaNameChange Mon 14-May-18 09:44:49

BIWI I was going to ask about lactic vs sweetcream. Would a lactic butter taste 'off' to someone used to sweetcream? I really like butter with sea salt crystals in, but there's one that tastes distinctly yucky to me, and I was wondering if the lactic / sweetcream difference was the reason.

antimatter Mon 14-May-18 12:47:11

I saw Isigny Sainte-Mere raw butter in M&S and Sainsburys too.

BrazenHusky74 Mon 14-May-18 12:57:53

Less than 85% of Kerry Gold cows feed is grass.

AthelstaneTheUnready Mon 14-May-18 18:05:50

The Isigny is in Booths as well - unpasteurised, and so good I eat slabs of it when I'm feeling greedy blush.

gazlives Wed 13-Nov-19 22:27:41

not Kerrygold. they don't advertise as grass fed year round which means they aren't.

there are local farms that sell real year round grass fed butter. I use www.therealfoodcompany.org.uk/shop-online/raw-dairy-products-50/raw-cultured-butter.html
but there are others. from raw milk is the most nutritious

BIWI Fri 22-Nov-19 20:50:54

Gosh @TimeIhadaNameChange this is a very old thread that's just been resurrected! But I never saw your post originally. Yes, definitely, if you're used to one, then the other type may taste a bit weird/funny.

TheClitterati Sun 12-Jan-20 22:56:28

I'm pretty sure Anchor would be grass fed butter - dairy cows in nz tend to be on the grass year round.

C0untd0wnC0ff33 Sat 25-Jan-20 02:34:01

Cows eat grass and silage

Horses eat hay & haylage

Both would also be fed a dry mix food too

I don't believe that dairy products have to specify what a cow, goat, sheep, camel has eaten

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