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Best exercise on low carb?

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Electrocute1980 Tue 08-May-18 14:23:07

Just wondering what sort of exercise you all find gives the best results on a low carb diet? At the moment walking is what I'm doing most (had to give up running due to hyper mobility issues) and sometimes yoga and circuits. Just being nosey to see what you all think works well really smile

BIWI Wed 09-May-18 11:28:45

I'm not sure there's a particular exercise that works with a particular diet. The most important thing is to recognise that exercise isn't essential for weight loss - although it's obviously very good for you.

I believe that weight training is supposed to be good for fat-burning, although I'm not really sure about that.

Electrocute1980 Wed 09-May-18 18:05:29

Thanks @BIWI , DH does quite a bit of weightlifting so I might get him to give me some pointers!

wineymummy Fri 18-May-18 11:30:03

I was told at the gym once to do a 10 minute cardio warm up (treadmill or cross trainer), then 30 minutes weights/toning, as this burns up the fuel in your stomach etc. Then 20 minutes cardio to finish which burns body fat. I avoid running as it makes my knees click but do cross trainer or bike instead.

antimatter Fri 18-May-18 11:44:44

I have been going to the gym doing exactly the same routine for 3 weeks now.
10-15 min stretching ==>> 45 min weights ++>> 10-15 min stretching

Yesterday, which was Thursday, was the first time I went during starting this bootcamp on Monday.
I noticed that I had to use lighter weights, I started sweating sooner and I was tired more.

I think this makes sense (at least that how I am explaining it to myself), glycogen in my muscles is going to be depleted by now and my body has to work harder at breaking down fats.

It doesn't bother me if I lift lighter weights or I am not tired but I am interested if anyone experienced similar symptoms.

50andgoingstrong Tue 22-May-18 14:14:56

Yes I've experienced this.
I'm a runner.
I ate a high carb diet when marathon training.
When i returned to low carb initially I felt sluggish and tired. However after the first 2 weeks I became fat adapted and my energy levels return to normal. In fact they improved and as my weight decreases my speed increases🙂

antimatter Tue 22-May-18 17:48:45

@50andgoingstrong I am definitely in ketosis today.
I've also started 30 day with Adrienne and can say that I am only on the 3rd day I feel much better (posture and the inner yogi smile 😊).
I am lookong forward to my tomorrow's session in the gym.

thechocman Tue 22-May-18 19:36:35

Don't forget your electrolytes (magnesium, potassium, sodium/salt). With the amount of water lost on low carb you need to be careful with those especially if going to the gym.

People passing out seems to be quite common among those who don't get their electrolytes in check. Just a helpful reminder for those who don't know/forget smile

antimatter Tue 22-May-18 20:15:52

Yoi are right @thechocman , I got some magnesium tablets and also rehydrating powder from the chemist today. I was suffering from a lack of some minerals I think as taking one portion made funny muscle discomfort go away.

thechocman Tue 22-May-18 22:06:43

@antimatter yeah electrolytes are a big deal. When I first started they were the difference between me feeling like superman or forgetting about them and nearly collapsing. It does help the muscles relax too.

I'm not proper low carb anymore but when I am during the run up to summer, I like to pop an electrolyte zero water tablet. They taste pretty nice and are nifty in a pinch if you don't want to cook food or have salt water lol

antimatter Tue 22-May-18 22:28:33

I need to find oit about electrolyte zero water tablet @thechocman

thechocman Tue 22-May-18 22:30:50


These are pretty popular in the Keto community and are the same ones I use

antimatter Tue 22-May-18 23:26:53

Thank you @thechocman
Are you on a keto diet right now?

thechocman Wed 23-May-18 02:50:11

@antimatter not at the moment, I was about 2 weeks ago. I just eat keto now when I'm trying to cut weight for the summer (I lost 11 stone two years ago). Once mid may hits I slowly increase my carbs. I always cut a bit more weight than I want so that I'm at my ideal size whilst walking with water weight.

thechocman Wed 23-May-18 02:53:14

Oh and my weight does fluctuate by around a stone. I always gain a bit during the winter months but I allow myself that stone to play with. Once I go above 14lbs I cut out more junk and slowly let my weight to down, then it's keto for the easier weight loss from say Feb or March onwards. Low carb + no hunger after day 3-4 makes cutting so easy now.

antimatter Wed 23-May-18 08:57:57

I ordered those tablets @thechocman
Wow at the big loss and keeping it off. I have been losing slowly, too slow (in the last 3years just under 2 stones). This spring I feel it's much easier. I am hoping that the remaining 3.5 stones are going by November. I feel that my morning 30 min with Adrienne is making me even more positive. I judt need to find the right level of carbs and fat per day to keep me out of snacking.
I think weights 50 min 2x a week, 2x30 min run and 30 min yoga is the right level of activity for me (and manageable) per week.
Mind you I did nothing a month ago for years.
I hope I can keep it up this summer.
What exercises are you doing?

thechocman Wed 23-May-18 09:23:18

2 stone is 2 stone. Some people have gained weight in the last 2 years so it's not the end of the world. Just try to avoid food that raises your blood sugar, you can have your carbs just stick to low GI food and your hunger should go away, studies have shown that having fat with your carbs slows down how fast carbs are converted to sugar so you might want to limit anything that's low fat but high in protein and carbs or just carbs etc.

I go swimming a few times a week and as a music lover who listens for at least an hour a day, I go for long walks whilst listening to music, I aim for 3-4 miles a day. I'm following the 5/3/1 weights program. I started off with Stronglifts 5x5 as an absolute beginner (hadn't seen a gym in over 10 years before it lol).

Weight loss is made in the kitchen though so I'd prioritise that over anything else. Saying no to something that's 400 unneeded calories is better than eating it then having to spend hours at the gym trying to get rid of it

antimatter Wed 23-May-18 23:23:55

Thanks for the tip. I found this website but I have to learn how to do them not to damage myself!

At the moment I go to the gym and use machines choosing weights I can lift which make me work a bit harder. I used to be very strong smile. I think I may get a couple of PT sessions to get those basic lifts right so not to damage myself.

yes, weightloss is only aided with exercise to give me good sleep and good mood

the 5-3-1 seems like more complicated method, all in good time

thechocman Thu 24-May-18 08:25:31


Yeah 5/3/1 is what one would call more advanced and is a good transition from stronglifts (or starting strength, both good beginner programs) I wouldn't recommend 5/3/1 to anyone who hasn't been lifting for nearly a year consistently so all in good time. Form is key though so when you're ready, start extra light and just get used to good form.

AniSL Sun 17-Jun-18 09:37:48

I am about to start my keto diet this week, previously did a keto cycle in 2016 for 4 weeks which I lost just slightly over 10kg. I have not put sny of it back on since. I have another 2 stone to lose to wanted to get into gear as I eealised I have become rather lazy.
My last cycle, I didn't exercise for the first 3 days, it alllowed my body to adjust. For 3 days it was walking only, I then added cardio and light weights. My friend, who is a trainer, advised no more than 60 mins as it is counterproductive, alternate sites daily (lower body/upper body/abs and back) when doing weights, it will give your muscles the much needed break. For me, as I do not want to build muscle, lighter weights with higher reps.

RunningjustasfastasIcan99 Mon 18-Jun-18 19:02:53

The one you enjoy and motivates you. I'm doing CrossFit classes rather than training solo at the moment as I'm finding a group I have to book for more motivating. X

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