I'm starting LC tomorrow - any takers?

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RealRamona Wed 04-Apr-18 14:50:04

Probably asking for trouble by starting on a Thursday, during the Easter hols, but after dithering back and forth with l'carbing, I need to make a proper start (as in, the chocolate is all finally eaten).

I'll be weighing in tomorrow, and following all the rules of bootcamp, as per the instructions.

My goal is to shift weight before the end of the school term in July. No figure in mind, just shedding weight. I am also joining a beginners running group on 17.04.18.

Anyway - if you want to join me, please do! You are free, if course, to weigh any day you wish!

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PecanSandy Wed 04-Apr-18 18:14:53

Hi, I'll join you! I don't quite understand how to join the Bootcamp thread itself. They seem to be on week 8 or 9 already. But we can have our own little LC thread.

I've been reading the Blood Sugar Diet book and am going to follow that, more or less.

So far today I've had

B: a frittata with one egg and some leftover roasted vegetables

(oh, and some wholegrain homemade bread that needed eating up shock)
L: a container of cottage cheese - 200 g

D: probably some fish and a big salad with mixed greens, peppers and tomatoes.

I weigh 76 kg, 167 lbs, 11 stone 9. waist 40 inches.

Just had a month away from home with a lot of eating out and need to get a grip. Would love to lose 11 kilos, would be happy with 5 or 6 off by my birthday next month.

Good luck!

RealRamona Wed 04-Apr-18 19:51:46

Nice to meet you Pecan. We can indeed start our very own get a grip club.

Thanks for posting your stats: will do the same, plus food plan, tomorrow.

Good luck too!

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RealRamona Thu 05-Apr-18 06:47:54

Coming in at 200lbs (oops), so a nice round number and the last time I will ever see that number!

BF: Eggs
LU: Chicken salad
DI: Fish curry with lots of spinach.

I am always rubbish with drinking water and forget but will try. Must aim for 10,000 steps too.

My sticking point is that I work from home mostly and it us v easy to snack/not move.

Hope your day goes well!

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FlamingGoat Thu 05-Apr-18 07:12:53

I would love to but I never get what I can eat!
I have a homemade chicken ,chorizo and pesto pasta salad for lunch today. Is the ok?
I've been putting on so much weight lately, it's horrendous.
I've given up alcohol since January but unfortunately have replaced it with chocolate. 😕

RealRamona Thu 05-Apr-18 07:53:23

Welcome, goat!

All of the LC info can be found here:


Pasta is a definite no, I'm afraid.

You might need to just have a read through the list of foods and pick out what you are happy with.

As a rule - main carbs to ditch are bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, and most processed food and fruit. It's good that you don't drink (well done, me too), but cutting out sugar is also the main aim.

If you search the LC talk threads there are lots of pages of recipes and tips etc.

Good luck!

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PecanSandy Thu 05-Apr-18 19:58:29

How did everyone get on today?

I had porridge with frozen berries for breakfast,
cottage cheese and cherry tomatoes for lunch
and some chicken and a big salad for dinner.

Good news about cherry tomatoes - they only have 3 calories each!

May have overdone it on cashews when I got home.

I'm actually finding it easier to tell myself "no sugar, no bread, no pasta" than to try to eat those things in moderation. It saves so much decision-making energy!

Could this be the one time I stick to healthier eating?

All the best to everyone (all two of you so far?)! smile


RealRamona Thu 05-Apr-18 20:05:28

Nice work, Pecan!

I've stayed on track by sheer bloody mindedness. Took DS to soft play and left my snacks at home...the temptation to have a big cheese sarnie was unbearable!

Still. Made it to now so on the home stretch...

Yes, just the three of us, and our cherry tomatoes!

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PecanSandy Thu 05-Apr-18 20:52:13

Good for you for resisting the sandwich, Ramona!

Luckily, the canteen was closed where I work and nobody i know was around to have lunch with so I wasn't even exposed to temptation. But i'm noticing more than even before how much junk food there is everywhere - in vending machines in the corridors, at the coffee bar, in the underground - not to mention the coffee bars, supermarkets and cake shops you have to pass to get into the underground!

I used to work from home as well and I know how easy it is to pop into the kitchen when you're a bit fed up with work!

RealRamona Thu 05-Apr-18 22:46:33

I know, we're surrounded by it all, it's a sugar conspiracy!

I have a salty tooth which is bad enough. Kicking the wine is helping.

And yes, working from home...I really have to move more (just at all would be start, some days!).

Will post food in the morning.

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FlamingGoat Sat 07-Apr-18 07:04:12

So far have failed miserably! I'm going shopping today and will stock up on healthy stuff for work lunches. No potatoes is going to kill me 😕

Fluffywithteeth Sun 08-Apr-18 07:08:44

Could I join this thread? In serious need of help to stay on track.... !! a.m. starting LC tomorrow ( mon) doing the new Atkins
Can’t even bring myself to get on the scales but will do it Tom ..... and resist urge to down a muffin in response 🤓

Am planning meals today so I don’t get caught out and give myself excuses😬

How are you doing so far? V impressive to start in Easter week!

Babyblues99 Sun 08-Apr-18 07:28:34

I'm in. Have been dithering with low carb for a few days so need motivation to take it seriously.

Gained weight after giving birth 9 weeks ago mainly due to a diet based exclusively on crunchy nut cornflakes. Settled at 14 stone afterbirth before the gain and have lost 2 lb so far.

I'm breastfeeding too and whoever claimed that it makes you lose weight was a crock of Shit!

I do a combination of fasting low carb and no s diet. If I'm not hungry I don't eat. No sweets or seconds. Do allow some Leeway with vegetables as I do get constipated though.

I lost 2.5 stone in 2010 over 3 months with low carb so hoping for a repete. Would like to get to under 10.5 stone but would be happy with 11. Sooooo 2st 12lb to go.

Babyblues99 Sun 08-Apr-18 07:31:35

Oh. Going away at the end of June so would like to be under 12 stone by then. That's 26lb in 11weeks or so. OMG joining a gym tomorrow! !!

RealRamona Sun 08-Apr-18 08:14:08

Afraid I have failed over the weekend too - combo of it being the school hols and just not having the time to focus (and do any bloody exercise, either). Not enough planning space!

I am going to come back to this next week (16/04), but feel free to carry on without me!

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Babyblues99 Sun 08-Apr-18 09:12:05

Real, weekends are really difficult!!

Instead of delaying the diet, why not just try a modified low carb diet this week ends before you start properly next week?

I do this for maintenance. it just involves avoiding the big four, pasta, potato, rice and bread (and any substitute for these, couscous, noodles etc etc.

you can still eat chocolate, wine, fruit (although obviously better to reduce these)

You will find that the transition later will be easier if you don't carb out.

If you DO choose a starch, i believe that potato/sweet potato is the best of the bunch. least processed, high water content also lots and lots of vitamins and minerals. I also find that potatos are easy to reduce as they are often a side dish so you can just put less on your plate unlike pasta for example which is often the whole dish!

Have you seen the high protein/low carb noodles for sale in supermarkets? (called OOMI high protein noodles) they have 25% of the carbohydrate of normal noodles possible too high for ketosis but a better option. i have tried them and they are good, actually have some texture unlike lots of the 'zero' noodles.

FromthePinkGlitterySide Sun 08-Apr-18 11:14:27

Hey, would it be ok for me to join too? I've been LCHF since Monday and would be great to have some others doing it too.

I started at 13st 9. Hoping to get down to 11st. After separating from ExH I've been spending far too much time shovelling doritos in to my mouth blush

Just had an omelette for breakfast but after not sleeping well last night I'm determined not to fail today!
Hope everyone has a lovely LC Sunday.

Babyblues99 Sun 08-Apr-18 13:52:36

Hi Pink!

You weigh just a pound less then me and have the same goal weight!!

You can do it!

Today i have eaten 2 boiled eggs, pate, green salad and hard cheese and oil dressing, natural yogurt and berries, 2 x babybell.

Dinner will be spicy taco beef, sour cream, cheese, salsa (no wrap)


Babyblues99 Sun 08-Apr-18 13:59:24

oh and a big tablespoon of peanut butter!!

Does anyone have any decent low carb hacks/tricks or product?

One of mine is using phyllum husks to make wraps and 'bread'. i started using it for the extra fiber and find it is great to fill you up and fill the carb hole we sometimes get without falling off the wagon.

I don't use any artificial sweetener or low carb substitutes but would if anyone recommends a great one that doesn't lie about carb content or make me crave sweet stuff.

FromthePinkGlitterySide Sun 08-Apr-18 16:09:34

Hey Blues!

We do have the same to lose, you do have a fab excuse of a 9 week old baby though! I can't really claim baby fat with my youngest being 6 grin

Sounds like you're doing well today. I'm feeling a little meh but there's no way I'm giving in.

Sorry, can't think of any decent tricks or products. I tend to go for simple, basic food and avoid bad stuff rather than trying to find a substitute tbh but will be checking to see if you find anything amazing!

Babyblues99 Sun 08-Apr-18 17:11:18

As long as it works for you. have you done it before then?

Yes lots of the weight is from baby but i started off at 12.7 stone anyway, i was trying to lose weight then, (got preggers quicker then i expected) and gained about 3st altogether. so up to a max of 15.7. lost a st and a half in a couple of weeks after the boy was born but still have work to do!

lardymclardy Sun 08-Apr-18 17:16:04

I'll join you all please.

Best weigh in in the morning though as have a that needs eating tonight and have just nicked one of the kids yorkies! I bought a spiralizer some months back for courghetti etc, it's now taken pride of place at the bank of the pantry :/

I am approx 15.5 stone shock Ohhh I could cry!

lardymclardy Sun 08-Apr-18 17:16:42

*have a pie that needs eating. Oops.

lardymclardy Mon 09-Apr-18 07:46:50

15 stone 2 - day one!

FromthePinkGlitterySide Mon 09-Apr-18 08:42:30

I tend to do this for a month or so and drop a stone before my willpower deserts me blues grin

Hi Lardy. Love your username! Hope you enjoyed your last pie wink

I've just weighed and I'm 13st 4.5 so that's over 5lbs in a week!

Good luck today ladies. I've convinced OH to start low carb today. He was eating crisps at 11.55 last night saying 'it's not 12 yet!' So this should be an interesting week.

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