Low carb Easter egg/treats

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ilovecherries Sat 31-Mar-18 12:22:09

ragz, how are you doing? Haven't seen you around for ages.

Gammeldragz Fri 30-Mar-18 21:34:37

I got mini Lindt 70% eggs today, not as high cocoa as I really want for LC, but I cam have a couple.

christmastreewithhairyfairy Fri 30-Mar-18 18:08:06

Thanks all! I found a range of 85-100% bars at hotel chocolat. Me and the dcs are also going to make some chick and bunny shaped deviled eggs. He would have loved the cheese egg but all the asdas I tried didn't have it. I like the treat box idea too- I've left it too late to do this year but will next year if he's still on it!

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SoMuchToBits Thu 29-Mar-18 09:30:43

I'd just buy some good quality dark chocolate bars. Still a treat, but you get more for your money than you do with an Easter egg!

Nan0second Thu 29-Mar-18 09:30:15

I went to the handmade posh chocolate shop and bought their 85% chocolate. It’s not egg shaped but it tastes amazing and I normally eat Aldi chocolate so it’s a massive treat! Something similar near you?

Mrsfloss Thu 29-Mar-18 09:26:30

Is that egg not in Asda?

Make him a treat box with nice cheeses, nice meats, some dark choc, olives etc

christmastreewithhairyfairy Wed 28-Mar-18 13:52:51

Please could you low carb goddesses help me with ideas for an easter egg or other easter treat for DH?

He is recently back on LC after a long break and is doing no sweeteners, which rules out all the online recipes I can find.

I wanted to get him this but can't find it anywhere, very sadly. Hotel chocolat does a 100% chocolate egg but then ruins it by adding raisins.

We're not huge on Easter but he's been feeling low recently and I wanted to treat him. Any ideas?

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