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mickeymacca Mon 05-Feb-18 10:55:55

Hello everyone I'm hoping for some words or encouragement/motivation! I started low carb seriously again on 1st Jan and am really disappointed that I've only lost 5lbs so far. Just 1lb a week. Usually I would lose 5lbs in the first 2 weeks and then a steady pace and that would really spur me on but I'm feeling fed up. Any hints or tips? thanks

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ilovecherries Mon 05-Feb-18 16:16:33

Suggest you go over to bootcamp thread (we are on week 5), post what you've been eating and get some advice. And remember that at the rate you are losing, that could add up to 60lbs in a year.

mickeymacca Mon 05-Feb-18 16:31:34

Thanks I'll do that

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