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Week 3 – Keep celebrating the scale and non-scale victories!

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BerylStreep Sun 21-Jan-18 22:42:48

Hello Bootcampers and welcome to week 3. Thanks so much to PrettyBird for the previous threads – I hope I can live up to the high standards this week.

Hopefully this WOE (way of eating) is starting to feel easier for you, and you will have seen some good losses in weeks 1 & 2. The exciting thing about week three, is that for those who want to, we can tentatively move into Bootcamp Light.

The key changes are that you can add in some carbier vegetables in moderation, although it is best to stick to those that are 3g carbs per 100g or less for the majority of your vegetable intake. You can add some fruit in the form of berries in moderation, have nuts and seeds in moderation, and can have some alcohol – you guessed it – IN MODERATION. Vodka and soda, dry white wine, or red wine are the best choices. The rules for Bootcamp and Bootcamp Light, along with fruit, veg & nut carb counters are in the Spreadsheet of Fabulousness, kindly organised by SayrraT.

The good thing about Bootcamp Light is that it opens up your menu choices, and hopefully feels sustainable for a lot of people. However don’t be tempted to view this as a free for all – if you suddenly start eating loads of roasted butternut squash, followed by bowlfuls of berries all washed down with a bottle of Prosecco and packet of almonds, it will stall you.

Lots of people find that sticking to Bootcamp during the week, and Bootcamp Light for the weekend works well for them. Others find that they need to stick to Bootcamp in the main, either because their metabolisms can’t cope with the extra carbs (me) or because psychologically they are in the ‘abstainer’ camp (also me) rather than the ‘moderation’ camp. Just do whatever works for you.

Some people find they stall in Weeks 3 and 4, and the initial whooshes of weeks 1 and 2 can quickly become distant memories. Just KOKO (keep on keeping on), celebrate non-scale victories, drink plenty of water, and trust that this will work. Weight loss isn’t always linear, and there are loads of posters on here who have had amazing losses over the last year who are testament that this works in the long term.

So after what feels like an epic OP grin, good luck on the scale and non-scale victories this week!

CointreauVersial Sun 21-Jan-18 22:53:00

Bring it on...

I am going to stay fairly strict during the week (if possible) but looking forward to being able to have almonds and the odd raspberry.

Flaxseeds too. I am also going to make some of that flaxseed bread - haven't had it for ages.

YoLoHogwomanay Mon 22-Jan-18 01:17:57

I've eaten too much this past week. Can't face the formal weigh in. This may be the only BC where I actually gain weight blush.

still kokoing

BIWI Mon 22-Jan-18 05:14:56

Morning all! Thanks for the new thread, @BerylStreep, and good luck wielding the Big Stick grin

RaindropsAndSparkles Mon 22-Jan-18 05:29:35

Thank you for the new thread and for directing me here BIWI. I have lost 1lb. A total of 2lb. If I can get 8lb off by the end I'll be very happy.

GrandOldDukeOfPorkiness Mon 22-Jan-18 05:42:25

Hello to the new thread and the reign of Beryl smile

I have lost 2.6lbs this week, taking me to 220lbs. Please could some kind person add me?

6 more lbs to go till I get out of the obese category and into the overweight one!

GrandOldDukeOfPorkiness Mon 22-Jan-18 05:47:16

Well done raindrops!

AthelstaneTheUnready Mon 22-Jan-18 06:00:53

Morning, all. <and all hail Queen Beryl>

prettybird, huge thanks for your work over the last 2 weeks - and to everyone who's been posting - it's made all the difference having company doing this.

I have lost another 6lbs (started a week early so have completed 3 weeks already), making it 11lbs in total since I started. Only 1" off top, waist, and 1/2" off hips, so conclude I was carrying a LOT of extra fluid.

NSVs: clothes fit better, sense of smell better, earlobes definitely smaller grin, even hearing seems sharper, rollercoaster moods have disappeared, stomach almost flat, and I'm just generally a bit more interested and openminded about things.

Challenges: have been physically VERY lethargic until a couple of days ago. House a mess.

Thanks again to everyone - every single post has helped keep me on track. I have another stone to go to get to my ideal weight, and I guess it will get much less dramatic from here on.

AthelstaneTheUnready Mon 22-Jan-18 06:02:40

That's 4lbs! Sorry, sorry... 11lb in total, but 4lb this week.

JumpingintoLCHF Mon 22-Jan-18 06:24:51

Whooooop! I lost nothing last week due to my own dumbness (and having been low carbing for some time now) but this morning am 7lb down! Combination of having had a fluey virus and time of the month passing I guess but nevertheless some of it is down to my good choices!
Please could someone put me down as 245 last week and 238 this? Thank you.

AthelstaneTheUnready Mon 22-Jan-18 06:32:39

Hoorah! I'll add you, Jumping.

I forgot my most significant NSV: I didn't so much anticipate BC lite as break my own rule, but I had a glass of red wine last night. Normally, I chug it down as though there's a competition, won only by me finishing the bottle. But last night I had a few sips, thought 'that's quite nice', and didn't even finish the glass shock shock shock

It was nice, but that was it. This is unheard of for me - not wanting more and more until I'm done. And has strengthened my decision to carry on BC strict.

AthelstaneTheUnready Mon 22-Jan-18 06:39:15

Have added you too, GrandOldDuke - that's quite a drop!

blackteaplease Mon 22-Jan-18 06:59:12

Urgh, another lb on the week.

GrandOldDukeOfPorkiness Mon 22-Jan-18 07:00:23

Thanks athelstane, and congrats on your 4lbs!!

JingsMahBucket Mon 22-Jan-18 07:03:04

Morning everyone! Just placrmarking, as I’m about to start my day.

BIWI Mon 22-Jan-18 07:11:33

I've made a start on separating the recipes, and have created a vegetarian thread

I've only got up to recipes from 2013, so I think it's going to take some time to do the lot!!!

Please feel free to add any of your own recipes. If you post recipes that have come from someone's book or blog, please credit them.

I've edited some of the recipes (typos and for clarity), so hopefully they make sense and should work!

LeapinLizards Mon 22-Jan-18 07:40:25

Thanks for this thread and BIWI thanks a million for the vegetarian thread. Woo hoo!

SayrraT Mon 22-Jan-18 07:47:05

Not weighed in this morning. I was absolutely shattered and now I've eaten.

prettybird Mon 22-Jan-18 07:59:52

That was a great OP Beryl smile

I enjoyed wielding the Big Stick a little too much - but I hope I only did so when needed and required smile (and BIWI still had my back to wield it when I'd not been firm enough wink).

Going by the OP, Beryl will do a great job in this leg of the Big Stick Relay. star

Wh0KnowsWhereTheT1meG0es Mon 22-Jan-18 08:01:25

1/2lb off for me. Mysteriously I was 1.5lb lighter than this on Saturday, I don't seem to remember to drink enough at weekends as similar happened last week.

GuyMartinsSideburns Mon 22-Jan-18 08:04:39

I’m still the same as last week, could someone add that to the spreadsheet please?

Haven’t cheated and I’ve been doing my usual walking loads etc so hoping to see some change this week!

Have a good day all

AveAtqueVale Mon 22-Jan-18 08:07:52

Morning all - a thrilling 0.6 of a lb off for me this week. I’ve not been brilliant with water though, or probably strict enough generally, so will try harder this week! Good luck this week Beryl, and thanks to Prettybird for the last few weeks. Thanks as well to all the posters who replied to my ‘husband is getting fat on this WOE’ post - some great advice which I am implementing. Including telling him he’s a grown-up and needs to control his own food intake grin. Sorry I didn’t reply to everyone but these threads move SO FAST!

BIWI Mon 22-Jan-18 08:08:48

How did he take it, @AveAtqueVale?! grin

Mimosa1 Mon 22-Jan-18 08:08:51

Reporting a 3lbs (1.4kg) loss this week. It's my first week of bootcamp but though I now some is water weight, I'm still pleased.

Thank you, Prettybird, for your precious threads, and thanks, BerylStreep for this one. As it will be my week 2, I'm hoping to avoid the notorious stall but I've got a rather sore throat so my challenge will be staying away from milky tea.

Im trying to lose my baby weight and always said to myself 9m on, 9m off but the baby is now 7m old so I've got to get on with it! It feels doable with this woe.

TheWayOfTheWorld Mon 22-Jan-18 08:08:56

Good morning (glances nervously at Beryl and the Big Stick).

1.4lb off for me. I completely stuck to it so trying not to be disappointed and to focus on fact that (a) I am 7.4lb lighter than I was 2 weeks ago, (b) I am 1.4lb lighter than I was last week, (c) my jeans definitely have a smaller tummy roll at the top and (d) period is on its way.

Initial goal is to get into the 9 stone/130s bracket - I was 0.4lb off it last summer (having started at 155lb in the May) so way ahead of where I was this time last year.

Look forward to taking a look at the recipe threads and contributing some of my own. Also bought a whole celeriac to try celeriac dauphinois this week grin

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