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Low carb better to conceive ?

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Needmorewine Tue 17-Oct-17 13:05:30

I'm back on the lchf wagon again in order to shift about 10 pounds that have crept on... we are also TTC. Having googled I've found a few articles that suggest low carb is one of the best diets to help with fertility .. has anyone found they conceived easier since switching to a low carb diet ? Just intrigued by it !

princessbear80 Tue 17-Oct-17 22:11:02

I've read it can be helpful for those with PCOS who are TTC. I'm PCOS but didn't try it, so no actual experience. What worked for me was exercise and Metformin. Good luck

StuntNun Thu 19-Oct-17 10:29:35

Some people with PCOS get more regular cycles when they eat low carb. If you don't have PCOS then I'm not sure it would make much difference to fertility.

pamelastone Fri 20-Oct-17 18:58:34

Low carb diets are great because it regulates the weight, maintains a healthy weight thereby improving the hormone levels associated with fertility which in turn would help in conceiving better.

SkafaceClaw Fri 20-Oct-17 19:43:29

It took 3 years and Clomid for conceive dc1.

This time round I took up running. I read that cutting down on sugar in the second half your cycle means that you’re more likely to conceive. The first time I tried to give it up it worked. It happened on a month where we were both so busy we didn’t really get a chance to try.

Grimbles Sat 21-Oct-17 21:26:21

It may just be a coincidence, but my one and only pregnancy was when I was doing the dukan diet 6 years ago!

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