Need quick answers please, got a tesco order ready to go!

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GeneandFred Fri 01-Sep-17 10:30:57

Hi all,

Can you please help me, literally got a tesco order ready to be sent off for next weeks shop and lost the ability to meal plan. I've got a joint of beef in the freezer, thinking of roasting it and having it for lunch on Sunday, what can I serve it with? Also can I have a recommendation for what to serve with stroganoff instead of rice? I don't like calui rice and can't think what will go nice with it.

Thanks all

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skyzumarubble Fri 01-Sep-17 10:33:16

Green beans and brocolli with the stroganoff
Is celeriac around at the minute, celeriac gratin is good with a roast, and a load of other green veg or cauliflower cheese

GeneandFred Fri 01-Sep-17 10:46:50


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