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Week 2 Summer Low Carb Bootcamp - continued thread!

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BIWI Fri 02-Jun-17 21:53:06

My goodness smile I don't think we've ever had a second thread in week 2!

Anyway, the last thread is full, so let's carry on the chatting here until the new thread on Monday!

herecomesthsun Fri 02-Jun-17 21:58:30

You look lovely jiminy

- 3 eggs and mayo for breakfast
- aubergine with mushrooms and bacon for lunch
- greek yoghurt with blackberries and almond slivers - snack
- steak/ mushrooms/cauliflower/celeriac

3l water and several decaf coffees and almond milk

Am thinking having water in the evening has advantages- you might need to pop to the loo in the night but might be less likely to get caught out in the day.

I have been knocking back water listening to Corbyn and May. I am doing very well not adding gin, don't you think.

glenthebattleostrich Fri 02-Jun-17 22:00:27

Tried to post at the end of the last thread to say how fab you look.

MOIST, if you have a big decision make a list of the pros and cons of the different outcomes. The list which makes you feel calmest is the right answer, if that makes sense.

BIWI, thanks for the new thread.

nekobus Fri 02-Jun-17 22:07:31

I was wondering why I couldn't post!!

Looking good Jim have a lovely night!

Well you chatty lot! I've only just reached the end of the thread and I'm off to bed!

Style if you keep going I think you will eventually see a change in appetite - we are all different and it takes me a while to get to that stage (a few weeks after going hardcore LC) but then I still have days when I'm hungry.

LegoCaltrops Fri 02-Jun-17 22:09:35

Thanks for the new thread Biwi.

B- smoothie of half avocado, raw cacao powder & water (early start - I needed something I could prepare in advance & that was portable).
L- harissa chicken, lettuce, lots of olives.
D- chicken, mushrooms & leek in creamy garlic sauce, served with broccoli.
Plus a coffee with cream.

I think about 15g carbs.

I need to eat more veg, I usually eat quite a lot. I haven't been to the loo recently...

Been meaning to ask, what are NSV & KOKO?

BIWI Fri 02-Jun-17 22:13:17

NSV - non scales victory
KOKO - keep on keeping on


MOIST Fri 02-Jun-17 22:21:17

Jim. Looking bloody good.
Glen. List made. Wine helped. Decision made.
Sloshed. Fat. Will regret it tomorrow.

WaaWaaWaaa Fri 02-Jun-17 22:23:59

Jiminy! Hubba bubba! Very foxy! 🐈

Grah0SoontobeaFatty Fri 02-Jun-17 22:35:33

So, hi again Folks looking good Jim, hope you had fun.

Looks like I have finished empting out I am 10lbs less since Saturday night. But not anything today. So must be just fat now not fat and full of Sh&^ smile

Going to have a fun week next week as I will be sitting in conferences. So need to have a good work out over the weekend, going to be 33c + here so plenty of water intake might help with flushing.

SometimesMyArmsBendBack Fri 02-Jun-17 22:35:45

I think I've read enough and caught up...
I'm jumping in having started yesterday. I've done LCHF before, as a type 1 diabetic I love how stable it keeps my blood sugar.
I've been trying by myself for the past 6 weeks but only shifted 3 lbs or so.
I started on a new insulin which seems to have made me gain about 10lbs and made weight tricky to shift.
But, I feel inspired by this thread and am going to give it a go...
Started at 13 st 11 and a 16 on the verge of an 18. I feel sluggish and unfit and so tired. Following with interest.
Today I had..
B- Scrambled eggs with chorizo, mushroom and spinach
L- babybel, raw green beans
S- half an avocado
T- Lamb chops, roasted curried cauliflower and broccoli
Struggle with the water but managed around 2.5l which is miles more than usual.

StuntNun Fri 02-Jun-17 22:43:28

You look fabbo Jiminny, I hope you had a good night out.

I have an enormous appetite and could never survive on the small portions some people seem to thrive on. I would quite happily have four scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast and I have been known to have five different vegetables in one dinner. I just think everyone has different energy requirements and lifestyles, there's no point comparing your meals against someone else's. However, one thing that I have noticed is that intermittent fasting (i.e. skipping breakfast) has a knock-on effect on my appetite for the rest of the day. If I eat breakfast then I'm likely to feel hungrier through the day and more likely to snack between meals. If I fast in the morning then I'm much more likely to get through the rest of the day with only two meals and no snacks. Counter-intuitive I know, but that's my observation. I suspect it's down to blood glucose levels changing. Every time I eat my BG goes up then when it drops an hour or two later then I'm hungry again. For me breakfast triggers a cycle of hunger throughout the day. Whereas the effect of a longer fasting window breaks or doesn't start that cycle.

Sunborn Fri 02-Jun-17 22:59:36

Yay for the new thread!

I had two (TWO) packets of the M&S pork scratchings today, and was so enthusiastic about the second pack that I choked slightly on the train, and had to get off a stop early and get some water blush.

My food was:

Breakfast: natural yogurt
Lunch: chicken salad with tomatoes, cucumber and oil.
Dinner: chicken with a sort of jus from the pan, spinach and tomatoes.

kermitrulesok Fri 02-Jun-17 23:06:34

Good grief, it took ages to find you grin I survived Glasgow and have put a pound on! So happy with this WOE especially as I ate out every single night.

Looking forward to weighing in and carrying on with this.

Cookingongas Fri 02-Jun-17 23:08:19

Well, I realise I'm only four days in, but I have never gone four days without carbs, and not gone four days without alcohol for 6 months +. I'm the newly converted evangelist grinshock

styledilemma Fri 02-Jun-17 23:12:43

If I eat breakfast then I'm likely to feel hungrier through the day and more likely to snack between meals. If I fast in the morning then I'm much more likely to get through the rest of the day with only two meals and no snacks.
Stunt I'm never hungry in the morning. Maybe I should try having my breakfast later and some days not at all? I've never tried that. hmm
Possibly only have a creamy coffee
I could try it for two days and see how I get on.

Not just yet though, I want to follow the rules of the bootcamp fairly closely for now.

styledilemma Fri 02-Jun-17 23:20:36

Tonight was a test of strength.

Friday's usually my night for a couple of glasses of wine, closely followed by some bad food choices.
So it was a case of distracting myself tonight. I kept busy and took the dog for a really long walk until the cravings passed.
So, Still On It.

B - Boiled egg. Total FF yoghurt.
L- Cheese, salad with garlic mayo
D - Ready Meal Chicken curry (with the sauce washed off) Sounds gross but it tasted alright because I fried some mushrooms in butter, sti rfried some cabbage, so made my own low carb sauce.
S - Coffee with cream.

I had some rream left so have made some 'ice coffee' lollies for the weekend (for when I'm feeling deprived because it seems that on the weekend the rest of the world is living it up with wine and cake) made with 1/2 teaspoon coffee, 2/3rds water and 1/3rd cream plus a splash of vanilla essence in each lollie.
I hope they don't taste bitter (with no sugar). I probably should have used almond milk instead of the water but we'd run out.
I'll do a taste test tomorrow.

styledilemma Fri 02-Jun-17 23:34:34

I'm off to bed.
Stay strong everybody!
And if you can't ,maybe you've slipped a bit - don't beat yourself up about it. flowers
Jump right back on it tomorrow.

We should make a pact. If we slip (and I know my time will come eventually) then we mustn't think well that's it, I might as well jack it all in and continue pigging out which is what usually happens

What we do is - We get up, brush ourselves off and continue where we left off.
It's silly to let one little mishap ruin all the good work we've put in.

I sound like a party political broadcast. grin
But you know what I mean!

Night all.

YoLoZammo Sat 03-Jun-17 00:27:39

Thanks for the new thread. Jim you do indeed look amazing, and you are so pretty! I wish I'd done this in my twenties and not spent them and my thirties as a fat person who nobody listens to and is sidelined as a less important human being just because of my size.

I've put today's wobble, cravings and increased appetite down to AF. I always crave chocolate this time of the month, not sure if it's more hormones or habit. Anyway I didn't give in and am pretty proud of myself. I have eaten more today than yesterday though.
I posted earlier about B and L. S was 2 babybels and a boiled egg with spoon of mayo. D was celery sticks spread with pate and a marmite drink in case I needed salt. I may help myself to a spoonful of greek yogurt before I go to bed. Just to get the taste of pate and marmite out of my mouth!

Loving the positive stories. Keeps us all motivated.

I am beginning to realize what an emotional relationship I have with food. I "treat" myself with cake and chocolate when I feel down, stressed, upset, have had a bad day, to cheer me up, etc. In fact, I now realise this is not a nice treat because I deserve it, I am actually disrespecting my body by shoving junk in. I deserve to be healthy, to fill my body with nutritious tasty food, not addictive sugar crap. I can love and respect myself by eating well.
There. I've said it.

AdalindSchade Sat 03-Jun-17 05:54:24

sad weighed today and I have gone up another lb.
I did LC for 10 days and lost 4lb in that time. Then had a fucking carby weekend last week and despite 5 days back on I am now weighing only 1lb less than I started.
I am disappointed and demotivated and feeling like I will never make LC Work for me. Being vegetarian I do eat a lot of dairy and although I'm trying to cut down I think that means I will never get the good losses on LC.
I'm not giving up but I had a bad day yesterday, ate a whole packet of halloumi, half a pot of cream and some raspberries which although all LC was a symptom of my binge behaviour creeping back.
Not sure how to regain my positive attitude if it seems the scales are showing me that the initial loss wasn't actually fat loss and just water.

boldlygoingsomewhere Sat 03-Jun-17 07:15:16

Yolo, I also have an emotional relationship with food. Cake has always been for celebrations, cheering up etc.

I find it easy to live without sweets and crisps but struggle with cake and chocolate. I have a rule now which is that I will only eat a small piece of cake if it is homemade and the only chocolate I eat is 85% dark. Obviously this doesn't happen on bootcamp but once we've moved on.

I'm also finding other ways to 'treat' myself. For example, a new book or some lovely coffee, even a day trip somewhere.

CaptainBraandPants Sat 03-Jun-17 07:29:28

Thanks for the shiny new thread BIWI. Panicked that I could't find you for a minute.
Just place marking as off to work. Will sign in later.

GetReady Sat 03-Jun-17 07:39:31

Found you! 😂😂😂

Oliversmumsarmy Sat 03-Jun-17 07:51:37

Had a really bad day yesterday. I think I have put on everything I have lost. I probably won't eat today as I still feel bloated.

I had to have lunch out so opted for a cheese omelette and mushrooms.

Omelette had a different texture to it. Only later found out it was powdered egg. So I think that is 8 carbs just for the egg.

Lunch was ok but was 10 carbs.

Then unplanned I had to eat out in the evening at a restaurant I am very familiar with.
I didn't think I would have a problem

I thought I was getting a large mushroom stuffed with gorgonzola cheese.

What I got was an enormous pot of mushrooms in a "gravy" with a crust of melted cheese.

I ordered a goats cheese salad for main.
I have had this before and usually it is green salad with broccoli and green beans and a few halves of baby tomatoes and some goats cheese pieces sprinkled on top. What came was the usual with couscous, red peppers, loads of tomatoes, dried apricot and the biggest slab of goats cheese and in a dressing.

Only ate half of it and tried to avoid the peppers and tomatoes but the couscous coated everything.

So disappointed as I am now more than I was on Monday

ilovecherries Sat 03-Jun-17 07:56:36

Ada, I can empathise with how tough that must be. I know I've always given up on diets in the past (WW, SW, RC etc etc) because I didn't ever get the losses other people did in the first couple of weeks. I'm too new at this to give any advice really, but it did strike me that you said you had a carby weekend and I wonder if doing that so early in the process could mean that your body isn't quite in the zone yet? Anyway, have you posted your food diary - maybe worth doing so if not and asking some of the experts to comment to see if they can identify a problem?

Cherrypi Sat 03-Jun-17 08:06:55

YoLoZammo I think that's what happened to me too. Was craving chocolate yesterday. Ate loads of low carb food yesterday evening and have put on 2.5lb overnight.

B: Greek yoghurt and coffee with almond milk
L: Picnic of beef, hummous, celery, cheese, 1 strawberry
D: grilled chicken and bacon salad
S: normal coffee, cheese, cheese, Greek yoghurt with cocoa nibs, pepperoni slice, butter

Writing it down I think I needed more fat with my tea. I also only drank 2 litres of water.

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