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Encouragement from menopausal self-LC boot camper, two weeks in...

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Celeriacacaca Mon 22-May-17 20:27:32

I haven't a huge amount to lose - just 6kg - but I'm well on the way. My motivation was many different things but mainly that I want to be comfortable in clothes which had become uncomfortable - and I hate the big tummy which had grown into quite a size after the onset of menopause and also a sedentary job for the past year.

So some findings after a fortnight: I find I am 2.5kg lighter, and already feeling so much more comfortable in clothes. Tummy is flatter but still some way to go. I'm going to the gym too, so that will help that area.

I'm loving all the butter and cooking with it and have had some delicious meals - even DH has said it isn't what he'd call a diet in that I'm being deprived of things.

I still tend to be a bit generous on portion sizes, so am trying to be mindful of that.

The constipation arrived on day 3, much to my alarm as I am normally as regular as clockwork, and then it passed. No big deal and am now back to normal.

I thought I could never drink 2l+ per day as I was a cup of lemon water for breakfast and one cup of herb tea at work all day previously. I find it quite easy now and have a little glass on my desk which I keep refilling and am getting through the bottle easily. I'm not weeing much more than before either, which is great.

The big revelation is that my menopausal sweats have all but stopped - which is fantastic. I feel so much more comfortable all round.

Carb flu coincided with a nasty head cold so I'm not sure how bad it was - I did feel very light-headed and woozy for a good few days but think that was the bug rather than the diet.

DD made a cake on the weekend for DH's birthday. I tried some of the buttercream icing and, as someone who couldn't go a day without chocolate but who went cold turkey for low carbing, I found I really didn't enjoy it. It almost felt like a burning sensation in my mouth, which I presume was the huge amount of sugar in it which I was no longer used to. I don't have cravings for chocolate or any sweet things. I'm also lucky that I love the plain yoghurt which I see as a bit of a treat.

It really has flicked a switch in my mind with regard to determination and not wanting to waiver from it. It really is a very logical way to lose weight and I wish I had found it a lot earlier. In a way, I think I found it at a time when I was ready to do something.

So I guess I want to say, stick with it, it's so satisfying when you start to feel the results, and there really are so many delicious thing you can enjoy while on it. I enjoy reading threads which also spur me on - and how fantastic to have the support and hard work of BIWI etc to put everything in place to make it as easy as possible. Good luck!

dementedma Mon 22-May-17 20:29:52

Thanks for this. I too have the menopausal spread round the middle and a big belly and am hoping to shift at least a stone by low carbing. Here's hoping.

Dappledsunlight Sun 28-May-17 21:08:05

Thank you. Same here, menopausal following a hysterectomy last year and really struggling to shift the weight. Has been getting me down and I went shopping with my 2 young adult children today and came home really fed up looking at my reflection! So.....just been looking on MN for inspiration as usual. Can you recommend best resource for recipes/keeping on track? Thanks lovely ladies xx

Celeriacacaca Tue 30-May-17 15:12:35

Join the latest bootcamp and the spreadsheet - which will be at the start of week one on the lc boot camp - will have recipes, the rules etc. The recipes thread is

I'm now 3.5kg lighter and feeling so much better about myself. The stomach area is much flatter but I think will take a lot of exercise to tone. I've only got 2.5kg to go and then I will revert to boot camp light or even a mix of normal and bootcamp to maintain. I have a wedding to go to in October and was dreading how I was going to look at it but am now really looking forward to it.

I have amazed myself in that I haven't really missed the sweet things I had every day - that's been a real revelation, so just goes to show I don't need the sugar I was having, and I was having a lot. Do try low carbing as once you see the beginnings of weight loss, it really spurs you on to keep going.

Dappledsunlight Wed 31-May-17 11:58:36

Cheers for the motivational thread! I'm on to it. Have also taken up hula hooping with a weighted hoop and can now manage 200 rotations whereas a few weeks ago only managed about 6 before dropping the darn thing! Looking forward to more weight loss!

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