Want to LoCarb but don't like cream/mayo

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CodLiverOil556 Sun 21-May-17 20:51:00

So I want to LoCarb but I'm really fussy; I like eggs, meat and veg but hate butter. Is there any hope for me?
I am very focused and have 10 weeks before my DH comes home on R & R from an overseas deployment. Have 25lbs to lose

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explodingkittens Mon 22-May-17 11:17:47

Yes, of course there's hope! You don't have to use butter or cream or mayo, it's just that most people do like them and it's a really easy way to get good fat into your diet. Personally those ingredients are what make LCHF eating so fabulous for me, but I can easily see how it could be done without them.

Would you eat yoghurt or cheese? This would be a way of getting extra fat into your diet. However, some people find that cream/dairy stalls them on LCHF anyway so it's not essential.

You can use olive/avocado/coconut oil/ghee instead if you need to cook in oil or add it to your food. Otherwise you can make sure that your meat is fatty etc - eat the chicken skin or the pork scratchings! Nuts, avocado, olives, salmon etc are all good sources of fat too.

ChesterDrawers Mon 22-May-17 12:23:59

Have a look for some paleo recipes online (Pinterest is good). Paleo eaters don't tend to eat dairy so some will be BC compliant without the added cheese/cream/butter.

Bibs2014 Sat 03-Jun-17 21:44:00

I don't eat butter I use olive oil or coconut oil instead 😃

Megsmcgoo Sat 03-Jun-17 21:46:19

Oil and healthy fats are good too! Kept is low carb and tends to use a lot of cheese, I would start with focusing on what to cut out and then make it work for you with what you like smile

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