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Trying LCHF; starting today. Can you help me?

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AnotheBloodyChinHair Sun 14-May-17 19:30:52

I have decided to give this a go. I am reading the threads here. I have a shopping list for tomorrow. Just a little confused about the ratio of carbs, fat and protein I should aim for.
I have a stone to lose. I am 46. I am 1.53cm tall and I weigh 63kg.
How does one work this out?

millifiori Sun 14-May-17 20:02:07

Hi Anothe,
I'm starting today too. Didn't quite get the hang of it, as I had 4 ryvita and a glass of white wine both of which are carbs. But was amazed that I didn't feel hungry or have sugar cravings, and came in under the 1200 cals that MFP recommends.
I need to trust this diet. I've always eaten far more carbs than protein, even when I was slim. But so many people I know have lost stacks of weight quickly on low carb and found it really easy to do, so I'm up for it.

Today I had:
natural yoghurt with blueberries

fennel and chicory with brazil nuts and chorizo

salmon with asparagus and long stemmed broccoli

a four pack of pumpkin seed ryvita
a glass of wine
herb tea and black coffee

I know the ryvita and wine were a bad move but the rest I hope is on target.

I'm 160cm and almost 70k. I want to lose 10kg.

BIWI Tue 16-May-17 08:30:23

milli - sorry it looks like I'm picking on you grin but I'm just working my way through the threads!

If you want to join Bootcamp, go and find the spreadsheet, which is in the OP of the latest chat thread. On there, you'll find the rules of Bootcamp (look at the tabs at the bottom) as well as a whole load of information about low carbing - it's really important that you understand the science and thinking behind it.

A critique of your food:

natural yoghurt with blueberries

Assuming that this was full fat yoghurt, this is pretty perfect - with the proviso that different brands vary enormously in terms of their carbs. Make sure you check the back of pack to find out how many carbs per 100g. Total full fat is one of the best (and also the nicest!).

But definitely avoid the blueberries - for the first two weeks of Bootcamp particularly.

fennel and chicory with brazil nuts and chorizo

This doesn't sound like much food, and I'm assuming this is your lunch? Low carbing isn't about deprivation - don't feel you have to eat tiny, diet-like portions of food! The fennel and chicory is fine, the chorizo is OK, although we try and avoid processed food as much as possible - the occasional amount is fine (and chorizo is lovely smile. The brazil nuts should also be avoided in the first two weeks of Bootcamp.

salmon with asparagus and long stemmed broccoli

This is perfect low carb food - I just hope that you cooked this with plenty of fat? If you grilled the salmon and poached/steamed the veg, then you won't have had enough fat. Low carbing is a high fat diet. I know that runs counter to everything you've been told so far - which is also why it's important that you have a look at all the info about low carbing on the spreadsheet.

a four pack of pumpkin seed ryvita
a glass of wine

Well you know this isn't allowed! grin

If you're buying anything manufactured, like the Ryvita, always check the carb count on the back of the pack. In general, anything under 5g carbs per 100g is fine. You'll find that if you ate all those Ryvita, you would have had 28g of carbs!


Perfect. You should be drinking 2litres of water a day as a minimum. The amount that you should drink will vary according to how much you weigh - the heavier you are, the more you need to drink (check rule 6 on the spreadsheet which will tell you how much you should be drinking)

herb tea and black coffee

Again, both fine.

I hope that this helps!

I'm starting the next Bootcamp on Monday so hope you'll be joining us then?

millifiori Tue 16-May-17 11:25:50

grin Thank you so much BIWI. I don't feel picked on at all. It is very helpful. And you're right, adding fat feels so odd after years and years of very low fat diet (which led to terrible gallstones, so I know the advice about fat causing the problems isn't true) But I'll try and make changes with the amount of fat I eat.

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