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I gave up on atkins...need I go back?

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FifiFerusha Fri 17-Mar-17 20:03:44


So I started Atkins last September. In three months I went from 10 9 to 8 9. It is a great diet!! I am only 5 2 and a small frame so in a strange way still look chubby. To be a healthy BMI I can even be 7.5 stone etc etc..

Christmas hit and I relaxed, put on only 1 pound, and then very unsuccessfully tried 5 2 but cravings hit on non fast days. I managed to maintain weight from Xmas up until two weeks ago and now it is creeping up on me. I am nearly up to nine stone again and as I am a small frame am looking chubby even at that weight. I am wondering whether to to give my body a weight loss boost as I enjoyed the structure of atkins but not entirely sure I can maintain it. I exercise on a cross trainer four times a week for half an hour for fitness( it sincerely makes no no difference to weight loss, only diet does that for me). Where do I go from here. I have worked so hard at losing baby weight I don't want it to go wrong. Where do you think I should go from here? Worried that all the fat from atkins might make me put on more wright now I am not particularly overweight. My ideal weight is probably about 8.5. I am a small frame so therefore I would be still be healthy at this weight. Health is important to me but still want to look good which is hard when you have a small frame. Weight looks so obvious when you are smaller. Any advice???? Just think I think I cheat too much on 5 2 and having two kids I keep finding excuses to bake x x

Thank you for any advice, just wanting experiences on a maintainable diet x x

BIWI Sun 19-Mar-17 23:35:04

If you've gone back to eating a high carb diet, then you will put weight back on. That's what made you gain weight in the first place!

Go back to low carbing. It doesn't have to be Atkins, but just cut the carbs.

Eating fat won't make you gain weight, as long as you're keeping your carbs low.

TittyGolightly Sun 19-Mar-17 23:37:55

I highly recommend the Blood Sugar Diet.

TittyGolightly Sun 19-Mar-17 23:39:52

(Ex Atkins-er who went back on carbs due to pregnancy and fucked my liver. Luckily it seems to be temporary: the 2.5 stone I've lost in the last 9 weeks through low carb/restricted cals/high fat has my liver function tests almost back to normal.)

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