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Starting on Monday - worried / excited / prepared??

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TheRippedOutPage Sat 28-Jan-17 12:41:16

I know low carb works so I'm going to dedicate two weeks to it from Monday and see how I get on - with a few to continuing after that.

I'm excited because I know it guarantees weight loss.

I'm worried because I know how difficult it is to stick to.

This is my menu for next week - does it sounds ok?

Monday -
breakfast - protein shake made with whey, almond milk and peanut butter.
lunch - homemade turkey meatballs with fennel seeds, tomato and feta cheese sauce. Served with cauliflower rice.
Dinner - Thai red lentil fish curry

Tuesday - breakfast - protein shake (as above)
- lunch - turkey meatbballs (as above)
- dinner - sirloin steak with cheese and mushroom sauce and broccoli
Wednesday - breakfast - cheese omellette
- lunch - prawn stir fry made with courgetti noodles
- dinner - lean beef chilli con carne with caulirice

thats all under 20g carbs a day and where it is repepative is just where I am pushed for time due to work. Does it sound ok though? balanced/low carb enough?

I have a stone to lose.

BIWI Mon 30-Jan-17 00:08:40

Just a couple of things - why protein shakes, rather than a proper breakfast? And do you know how many carbs are in your shake?

And - how can you have a lentil-based meal yet still be under 20g carbs per day?!

TheRippedOutPage Mon 30-Jan-17 10:55:06

I don't have time to make a proper breakfast when I'm at work. I work the carbs of the shame out on the carbs in the ingredients (almond milk, peanut butter and whey powder).

Thanks for the heads up on the lentils! Stupid bloody ASDA had them down at 3g per portion - it's only when you said that that I looked at the packet and realise they're 16g per portion! So tonight will be red Thai fish curry rather than lentil curry !!

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