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Semi low carb lunches

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Trulymadlymotherly Mon 23-Jan-17 21:08:32

I've slipped massively 😔 Went back to work full time after mat leave (60-80 hrs/week) and I've gained nearly a stone in 3 months.

I'm looking for help with meal ideas. I work 10 hour shifts (morning evening or night). I don't always get time for a break but If I do i need something I don't need to heat/prepare. I've ended up snacking on rubbish. At the minute the only way I eat well is if I pick food up in m&s.

I'd like to start cutting down on my carbs initially rather than cutting out altogether.

Please help!

hollinhurst84 Mon 23-Jan-17 21:18:35

I tend to take a protein (chicken, feta, halloumi) and flavour it with something
Then add either roasted veg with herbs or salad bits (cucumber, tomatoes, spring onions, spinach etc)
Then a carb - cous cous, merchant gourmet ready to eat grains
And have it all in a tub, sometimes with mayo or pesto

Snacks - nuts, seeds, fruit (not low carb I know but...), Apple and peanut butter, couple of oatcakes, protein shake, ham, cooked meats, pate to shove on oatcake

Trulymadlymotherly Mon 23-Jan-17 22:00:57

Ooh pate. I hadn't thought of that! Great suggestion. Can you tell me more about protein shakes please?

hollinhurst84 Mon 23-Jan-17 22:02:45

I used them mainly for after the gym but sometimes I have one as a snack. I buy whey protein from bulk powders or my protein and blend it with almond milk or water, sometimes some peanut butter or a banana

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