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A thread to hold me accountable!

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Ifeelyourpain2 Tue 13-Dec-16 22:44:13

So after an utterly rubbish day where I've binged like never before, I've decided for the sake of my waistline and health that I really need to get my weight down by a couple of pounds by Christmas and then use low carb to maintain and sort out my food cravings long term.

I have about 3lb that I'd like to lose, so barely anything, but I have massive issues with food and I'm controlling it in an unhealthy way (copious amounts of exercise etc), I need to regain control over food and I think low carb is the way to do it.

I'll be posting my food every day as a way of having a record of it. If anyone can give me some tips of easy but nice very low carb meals I'd be happy!

Tomorrow will be day 1 and I'm planning on... Smoked salmon and avocado for breakfast, cheese and bacon omelette for lunch with a tomato, then beef stroganoff without the rice for dinner.

I'm quite active, but I do have an under active thyroid and feel this doesn't help as some days I feel sluggish. I also know how to eat well, I'm just ruled by cravings most of the time so don't end up eating what I feel I should be.

Any support massively appreciated, tips or meal ideas etc. Thank you!

Ifeelyourpain2 Thu 15-Dec-16 07:39:37

Yesterday was a good day I think!

Breakfast: smoked salmon and 2/3 of an avocado with pepper and lemon

Lunch: mixed cold meat (salami etc), a handful of rocket, marinated artichokes, a few olives, Brie, blue cheese and some emmental.

Snacks: a handful of olives and then later on some tuna mixed with mayo

Dinner: beef stroganoff made with full fat crime fraiche, creamed spinach and a few bits of broccoli and asparagus

Barely felt hungry at all and my stomach is feeling so much flatter this morning already, I realise it's not fat loss but it's so nice not to be bloated!

Ifeelyourpain2 Fri 16-Dec-16 09:17:21

Day 2 went well.

Breakfast was smoked salmon and avocado again, lunch was also the same, for a snack I had a spoon of crunchy peanut butter and then some cheese and dinner was chicken breastfeeding with a garlic mushroom and creme fraiche sauce, served with kale and tenderstem broccoli.

Weighed myself today and I'm 4lb down which is great but I realise it's mostly water weight. Feeling good though so all is well.

Going for a 5 mile run this morning so it will be interesting to see how I feel during/after.

Breakfast today was a cheese and bacon omelette with mushrooms, lunch will be nori seaweed wraps with smoked salmon, prawns and avocado, with mayo for dipping. Dinner is going to be a chicken thigh tray bake with olives and courgette served with broccoli.

Getting into the swing of it a bit more now!

Ifeelyourpain2 Sun 18-Dec-16 11:04:27

Still feeling good and really enjoying eating low carb, it's a bit of a revelation as for someone who is usually obsessed with food, I'm just not bothered. I'm really enjoying all of my meals but it is so nice not having it on my mind all the time and just not feeling hungry.

Yesterday I was out for the day and just wasn't interested in all of the off plan food that was on offer. For breakfast I had a cheese omelette with mushrooms cooked in garlic butter, I went to an Italian for lunch and had scallops in garlic and chilli butter with a side salad of mozzarella, avocado and tomato, then in the evening I had chicken salad with mayo and cheese.

I went for a 5 mile run before breakfast today which was more challenging, I felt very weak at the end, but felt absolutely fine after a breakfast of avocado with smoked salmon and mackerel. We have a relative over for lunch and I'm doing roast beef rib with all the trimmings, but I'm going to have the beef, cauliflower and broccoli and will make a Stilton sauce with cream to go with it, yum! We are having a cheese board afterwards so I will probably not want much for dinner.

Really noticing a difference in my shape already, I'm down 5lb but I realise some will be water. I'd like to get another 1-2lb off by the time we go away on Thursday, then after that I will just be on reduced carbs as we will be at my parents for 2 weeks and I can't dictate what we are eating. There will be plenty of days with indulgence too.

Overall, feeling great!

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