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Week 5 - Pre-Christmas Low Carb Bootcamp - welcome to the second half!

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BIWI Mon 21-Nov-16 07:34:25

Morning all

Here's the link to the Spreadsheet

So we have four more weeks to go. Chance to lose around another half a stone, if we stay on track grin

Hope the figures (on the scales as well as yours) are looking good this morning. And good luck for the rest of the week


Xmasfairy86 Mon 21-Nov-16 07:39:43

Well I lost 4lbs from yesterday just deciding to join you all on this boot camp!

Am unwell 🤒 and ate nothing but a piece of toast 😳 (With butter!!) and a small jacket spud (with cheese!!!)

I will try and eat my eggs this morning, but am really not up for food. Or water. Or anything!

BIWI Mon 21-Nov-16 07:50:17

Oh no! Sorry to hear that. Hope you're on the mend soon! flowers

Kleptronic Mon 21-Nov-16 07:51:56

Oh rats I have only lost 4lb in 4 weeks, someone please tell me more will go!

BIWI Mon 21-Nov-16 07:54:18

It's still 4lbs off though, Kelptronic! Far better than 4lbs on ...

Flisspaps Mon 21-Nov-16 08:02:05

At last I have woken up with my head in the zone! I think seeing how wowed DH's family are by his 20lb weight loss has helped (that's since Sept) and his before/after comparison pics.

Shame my fridge is bare as don't get paid until tomorrow hmm so bear with my veg-light dairy heavy menu today.

Breakfast - lemon & ginger tea, one egg omelette (yes it's as sad looking as it sounds) with cheddar

Lunch - frozen berries, Greek yoghurt, double cream. Tuna mayonnaise. Pork scratchings.

Tea - home made burgers, mozzarella, salad, cheese, mayonnaise

Flisspaps Mon 21-Nov-16 08:02:16

Ps 182lbs.

Kleptronic Mon 21-Nov-16 08:06:38

That is true BIWI that is very true. I will KOKO.

Callie85 Mon 21-Nov-16 08:14:24

Oooh hello everyone, can I join please? I know it's a bit late. I've been low carbing since the start of November and have lost 13lbs! I can't really see it but other people are starting to comment now. I'm having a bit of a wobble at the moment after being ill last week, so I could do with a kick up the bum and some support! Can I add to the spreadsheet, BIWI?

notsoold Mon 21-Nov-16 10:06:03

Pretty much no change for me. Added few ounces. Not here or there really but I seem to be stuck at this number for weeks ( was stuck with the same weight before bc).
But considering the lack of sleep and overall tiredness with 2 poorly children at least I haven't put weight on.
I have been eating loads . More than I should. Because I am without energy. Will try to cut out dairy again.
Good luck to everyone!

margaritasbythesea Mon 21-Nov-16 10:49:43

Hello all and thank you for thenew thread BIWI. I seem tohave lost nothing around my waist but about 1.5 cm from my hips. My waist is really the only place I want to lose anything, but I am pleased to see a change. Maybe when my period has finished it will go down.

I am currently mastering mayonnaise and hollandaise. I don't have probems with splitting but I am not too happy with the taste. Does anyone have failsafe recipes?

prettybird Mon 21-Nov-16 11:17:22

STS this week - although I was 1lb down yesterday but can't complain as I had wine, a slice of light fruit cake which I'd made for ds after finally finding my mum's recipe and a couple of dark chocolates last night blush

Still, need to remember that that Is still 8lb down since I started 3 weeks ago (I started Kate). smile

Today's menu was yoghurt and cinnamon (forewent the blueberries as penance wink) for breakfast, cold meat and coleslaw for lunch and supper will be home made burger (bound with egg and plenty of olive oil) and brussel sprouts in butter and left over mashed neeps in butter of course from last night.

StuntNun Mon 21-Nov-16 11:39:49

No weigh-in for me today as I still haven't replaced the batteries in my bathroom scales. I quite like not having the pressure of knowing my exact weight. So long as my trousers do up everything is fine!

clare8allthepies Mon 21-Nov-16 11:50:31

<Slinks back in shamefaced> blush

Have had an awful week and a half foodwise and have regained the 3 pounds I lost plus another one too angry

Back on it this morning, big shop done to stock up. No more slacking!

bettyblueeyes83 Mon 21-Nov-16 12:27:21

Dashing in in mad rush to report awful 3.4lb gain which I'm hoping desperately is water after carby/alcohol twattishness last week and at weekend. Am back on it!

BIWI Mon 21-Nov-16 13:15:57

Welcome, Callie! Just add yourself to the spreadsheet

Veryflummoxed Mon 21-Nov-16 13:38:34

Good morning all.
My buckets of water and careful eating paid off yesterday, I lost three pounds plus the two pounds I'd put back on. So five pounds off this week.
Can somebody add me please.
Veryflummoxed 191
Hope everyone's happy today. KOKO

Xmasfairy86 Mon 21-Nov-16 14:09:08

Does anyone use MFP to track anything?

nekobus Mon 21-Nov-16 14:26:03

One pound on, but I'm not surprised (period here and copious amounts of alcohol on Sat night, plus the wk3/4 plateau too....). I am feeling pretty good size-wise though, and have been wearing some size 12 skirts which is great progress! And getting lots of compliments smile.

I'm going back to strict BC this week and making sure I have my water, watching the cheese (a Brie wedge scoffed over 2 days as 'snacks' is probably too much right??)

B - 2 hb eggs and butter
L - avocado with dressing, 2 babybel
D - roast lamb, swede, brussel sprouts (bought some after everyone seems to be eating them on here!!)
S - coffee and cream, tea and soya
W - 1.5L down another 1.5 to go!

nekobus Mon 21-Nov-16 14:36:55

Xmas, I do use MFP but as I'm sure BIWI will say, tracking/counting is not necessary on bootcamp. That said, I like using MFP for the macros and also I've set a separate section for water and MFP reminds me by 12 each day if I've not logged any water yet - quite handy! I have set macros for carbs/fat/protein but only as a loose guide.

Biggest problem with it is that so many of the foods are in there are American based and they count carbs differently so have total carbs not net but I just search for 'x net carbs' and usually someone has put it in! (Or make sure it's listed as from a uk supermarket so likely to be net carbs) Hope that makes sense!!!

Xmasfairy86 Mon 21-Nov-16 14:48:44

Did not know that about the carbs on MFP neko. Will keep an eye out. I used to count calories so used it a lot.

nekobus Mon 21-Nov-16 15:26:49

Me too Xmas - I'd say that's what it's best at - calories- especially if you don't have time to enter lots of new foods yourself and just go with what's in there. But some entries are just calories and no other values so again can be really misleading if you are counting your fat/carb/protein macros.

I have printed out the veg and fruit carb counts from the bootcamp spreadsheet and they are stuck on the fridge! Low tech but so helpful!!

DearPrudence Mon 21-Nov-16 15:58:07

I've lost 3 this week. Well pleased with that. 1 stone 5 lbs since the beginning of boot camp. I'm secretly hoping for another 9 before Christmas but as long as I'm still losing I'll be happy.

wombattoo Mon 21-Nov-16 17:13:15

Very I've updated the s/s.
Fantastic loss Prudence thanks

Thanks for the new thread BIWI

Xmasfairy86 Mon 21-Nov-16 17:41:30

So, despite having no appetite I have so far eaten;

L - 2 eggs and butter (not sure how I feel about this!)
D - bit of chicken wing with skin, some cheese. And FF Greek natural yog. I had a squeeze of honey on it. Doubt it's LC friendly? But I felt like I needed it!

Have done absolutely bog all today but am exhausted 😩

Some fantastic losses being reported! Hopefully I'll join in with these properly when I'm better!

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