Bootcamp while breastfeeding?

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SpaceToad Sat 12-Nov-16 13:28:13

Does anyone have any experience of this? Google seems to think it's OK.
There's a worrying case of a Swedish mother who ended up with a severe euglyceamic ketoacidosis, but it seems she really wasn't eating much of anything. I'd adjust it to 50-60g of carbs a day, and would expect to be in ketosis on this. In pregnancy (gestational diabetes) I was started on insulin as I was ketotic on (approx)100g of low GI carbs a day, and the metabolic demand of breastfeeding is meant to be higher! I am worried about it affecting supply though. I'm a bit torn between low carb or just low GI ( and am using it as an excuse to not start anything sad)

StuntNun Mon 14-Nov-16 22:40:35

I went low carb when I was breastfeeding DS3 at age 7 months then had a low carb pregnancy before breastfeeding DS4 for 18 months. Potential issues are needing to cut down on carbs more gradually (e.g. bootcamp light rather than bootcamp) and micronutrients (take a breastfeeding supplement).

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