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PrancerForHoney Fri 11-Nov-16 11:45:40

Reposted here for traffic.

I need to start on a low carb diet.
I need some recipe ideas but I have a few stumbling blocks.
I live in the arse end of nowhere, 12 miles from the nearest town/shop.
The bus is hourly ( I don't drive) so can't keep nipping into shops.
I only have a tiny freezer.
What can you recommend that is quick and simple and doesn't require two drops of unicorn tears or elven gold dust served on a mash of avocado wink
I really don't have time between two jobs (paid and living on a farm) to make anything too fancy.
Oh and online shopping is out as I can never be sure when anyone will be around to receive it.
I promise I'm not difficult. Just circumstances at the moment conspire against me.
And most importantly, it has to be something I can eat without the rest of the family knowing what I'm up too!

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Pootlebug Sat 12-Nov-16 09:47:56

Which meals in particular?

Breakfast: smoothie made from 100g frozen berries, 1/4 can of full fat coconut milk & a raw egg all blitzed in a blender.

Eggs in every way possible - scrambled with butter, fried, etc.

Lower carb nuts like almonds and macadamias (don't go overboard on quantities though)

Slice of ham spread with blue cheese and rolled up into a roll

Creamed spinach - fry a shallot and clove of garlic in butter. Add microwaved and well drained frozen whole leaf spinach. Stir in lots more butter and plenty of either cream or full fat coconut milk. Lots of salt and pepper and a good grating of nutmeg. I make a fair bit and then reheat as needed for the next couple of days.

Thai curries with plenty of coconut milk (others can have with rice, you have with cauliflower rice)

Pork scratchings

High fat low carb plain yoghurt. With a dash of vanilla extract if you like. Mixed with chia seeds and/or a few berries if you want.

Gratin made from celeriac instead of potatoes
Spag bol on courgette noodles or just chopped fried courgettes or steamed cabbage instead of pasta

What do you normally like eating?

pklme Sat 12-Nov-16 09:56:51

Sliced Emental cheese from Lidl/aldi/tesco spread with peanut butter and rolled up.
A bag of nuts in handbag/car for emergencies.
Butter in coffee for breakfast.

pklme Sat 12-Nov-16 10:02:49

And an awful lot of eggs.

Homemade mayonnaise, stick blender, with tuna or eggs and gherkins.

Chicken breast with cheese and bacon on, baked in oven.

Pulled pork done in slow cooker.

The hardest thing with a small fridge and shops not close is vegetables. I buy bagged spinach twice a week because it doesn't last and I use a lot.

So vegetable wise- leeks, cauli, broccoli with cheeses sauce. Sprouts or cabbage with bacon and or cream.

PrancerForHoney Sat 12-Nov-16 22:53:55

Thank you. I forgot Id posted this!

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Summertime1 Sun 11-Dec-16 11:42:27

You lot are making me feel hungry! For a low carb option I like french Onion soup, tart au gratin (thinly done and heavy on courgettes), bacon and cabbage, liver and bacon.

PrancerForHoney Tue 13-Dec-16 21:16:34

I love pork scratchings. That has made me very happy!

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