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Low carb treat ideas? I'm dreaming of chocolate

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Cisforcat Tue 18-Oct-16 20:21:09

Getting my head around loosing the carbs - not bothered about bread, pasta or any of those things......
But I am seriously craving sweet things. Anyone got any receipe ideas for sweet treats other than auger free jelly and cream?

ontologicallychallenged Tue 18-Oct-16 20:28:54

What about making some ganache? You can roll it into truffles by coating it in cocoa powder or pour into little pots and eat with berries:

Gently heat some cream until hot but not boiling. Pour over an equal quantity of finely chopped dark chocolate - 85% or more. Stir once the chocolate is melted then let it set in the fridge.

feekerry Wed 19-Oct-16 19:07:11

One tablespoon of whipping cream whipped into peaks. Few dashes of vanilla essence whisked in. Then mix 1 table spoon of lowest carb peanut butter and 1 teaspoon of coco powder until a smooth paste then slowly fold into the cream mixture. Makes a lovely chocolate whip style thing. Carbs is about 3-4g

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