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Low carbing confusion!

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Haroldplaystheharmonica Thu 29-Sep-16 17:35:17

I'm just not sure if I'm doing this whole low carbing thing right...

I don't want to stick to the Atkins plan and thought I'd just cut out the obvious carb heavy foods - bread products, rice, pasta, cakes, biscuits, etc. So I've done that but I'm not sure if I should be eating an abundance of high fat foods to replace the carbs?

Some websites say just cut out carbs (I'm sticking to 30-50 per day) but other sites say low carb/high fat confused

A typical day's food would be:

Breakfast - bacon / eggs / tinned mackerel (one of these)
Lunch - ham salad / salmon & spinach
Tea - chicken & veg / chilli & cauli rice / spag bol & courgette
Snacks - peanuts / cheese cubes

Does that sound about right? Is there anything I should be eating more of / less of? What about cheesy, creamy foods?


wombattoo Thu 29-Sep-16 20:49:38

Hello Harold
The bootcamp threads are low carb high fat. The carbs should come from vegetables. Butter is fine but dairy can stall weight loss for many. Many eat cheese but avoid milk. Double cream is ok. If you are not losing weight, then ditch the cream/cheese.
Try to avoid processed foods and no peanuts.
If you look on one of the bootcamp threads, in the OP is a link to a spreadsheet. There are tabs on the bottom of the spreadsheet which will assist you.
Make sure you drink plenty of water at least 2 litres, maybe more depending on your weight.
Good luck

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