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Emergency holiday diet

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Fortunatepiggy Thu 01-Sep-16 07:36:03

Apologies if wrong place to post but I'm going on hols a week from and need to lose weight quickly. I found the egg and grapefruit diet and am giving it a go! But varying it so no carbs at all

So thought it would motivate me to share
Staring weight 11st 2
Started Tuesday
Breakfast 2 boiled eggs spinach
Lunch 1 boiled egg and salad and beetroot
Tea chicken and roasted vegetables

Omelette and cherry tomatoes
Lunch cucumber
Tea gammon and eggs and peas
Breakfast grapefruit and egg

Have weighed this morning and am 10 St 13! smile

TheForeignOffice Thu 01-Sep-16 08:03:39

You've got carbs there, just saying wink

The I breathe I'm hungry blog has guide for the purists Egg Fast if you're going hard core. It also tentatively explains why this burns fat super normally through choline, L-methionine, caffeine, coconut oil, caesin, fat and pretty much nothing else whatsoever.

I've done this, boosting the thermogenic thing even further using lots of black pepper and capsaicin (as Tabasco). Averaged 1g carb intake per day using MFP to track. No joke.

The weight loss was insane. Sure some was water but I'm an old hand at low carbing and can spot the difference.

5 days Max. Supplement. 3-4 litres water. No cheating. Be prepared to sweat big time all the time confused. Most important is to transition back to "normal " low carb eating else you will put it all back on. I dread to think what would happen if stopping and reverting to conventional carbs.

It's as boring as hell, but no hunger and phenomenal weight-loss in a very short time. I definitely don't recommend this except for weight stalls or in emergency situations.

Best of luck!

Fortunatepiggy Sat 03-Sep-16 06:49:26

Are there carbs in peas?
Thurs breakfast egg and spinach
Egg and salad
Courgetti and bolognaise ( loving my new spiraliser!)

Ham and egg
Courgetti bolognaise again!

Will weigh later .. A week to go until I have to get in a swimsuit!

TheForeignOffice Sat 03-Sep-16 07:05:18

14% carbs in peas. Compare to spinach 3.6% and courgette 3.1%. But if its still working for you then that doesn't matter. You've just reminded me I need to get a spiralizer!

Fortunatepiggy Sun 04-Sep-16 08:00:11

Sat smoked salmon omelette
Lunch Ham salad
Tea out for dinner so found something low carb at pizza express aubergine lasagne without pasta
Wine ( oops)
10 St 11

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