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USA holiday

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Gumnast2014 Fri 05-Aug-16 13:30:45

Help ladies I need my head shaking. Mainly a lurker but follow the plan. Currently on a holiday of a lifetime and am doing really well sticking to the boot camp rules. Enjoying my food and loosing half a pound a day. I had one rough day flying here when I should have avoided the plane food but didn't then another day when it was my dd birthday and I had cake. The days I come off I'm immediately like a women possessed hoovering up leftovers. Trumping away. It's awful.

My head is saying, go mental eat burgers, fries, all the American chocolate. You deserve it (I don't need food treats I'm not a dog)

This is the only way of eating that makes me have control of my eating and not be like a sugar crazed monster around food.

Ladies give me a kick up the bum that American food isn't going anywhere and is hardly treating myself!!!

MaryThorne Mon 08-Aug-16 08:26:13

Consider your head shaken grin
You can eat burgers without the buns. Lots of other delicious food where you can avoid the carbs. I know it's hugely tempting but think of all the good LCHF work you'll undo and the time it'll take to get back on track! KOKO! flowers
Good luck! smile

SerenDippitee Mon 12-Sep-16 22:06:38

Well, firstly, American chocolate is vile. Brown margarine sweetened with HFCS. You aren't missing out on anything there.

Moreover, America is practically the home of low-carb. Just ask for the low-carb options in restaurants and they won't even blink!

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