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Low carb newbie - not sure where to start!

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whyistherumgone Sat 30-Jul-16 12:05:40

Hi everyone.
I've been browsing through this thread after looking for a new diet plan as I'm gone off course a bit and no longer know what works for me.
I'm keen to low carb and the recipes thread on here is fab (sadly can't have dairy but I can work around that). I'm just a bit confused by the mentions of a spreadsheet for bootcamp and bootcamp light?
Is this something people can link me to or is it something that I need to sign up for somewhere?
Apologies if I'm a bit slow!
Thanks smile

BIWI Sat 30-Jul-16 16:28:28

No worries!

Look for the latest Bootcamp chat thread (it's called Final Weigh-in Pre-summer Low Carb Bootcamp) and you'll find the link to the spreadsheet in the OP.

Look at the tabs at the bottom, and you'll find the rules of Bootcamp.

whyistherumgone Sat 30-Jul-16 19:10:53

Thank you so much smile will
go check it out now. Great to read so many people have had success with it.

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