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Is it possible to go straight to Bootcamp light and lose weight?

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curlyLJ Tue 21-Jun-16 14:03:27

I have been eating healthily for a couple of months, cutting down on refined carbs, very little added sugar/sugary snacks, lots of veg and salad with some meat and mostly fish (I don't really eat biscuits/cake/chocolate etc) so I won't have a problem with the cravings/snacking...
I've lost a few lbs, but not that much as I haven't been consistent, and a couple of nights out recently mean I have indulged a bit on the food and alcohol!

Anyway, I don't really need to lose that much weight (about 10 lbs) so is it possible to just skip the first 2-weeks of hard bootcamping (which I think i will find hard to stick to with cooking food for DH/the kids etc) and just go straight to the 'light' option? Would that impede weight loss or would it just make it slower? Or do you need to become fat-adapted and get into ketosis initially in order for this to work?

Thanks smile

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