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Week 6 - Pre-summer Low Carb Bootcamp - half way through!

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BIWI Mon 20-Jun-16 07:23:53

Morning all. Welcome to the first day of summer hmm

Here's the Spreadsheet of Fabulousness once again, for you to declare all.

Thankfully a bit of a quieter week for me, once today is over, so I can concentrate a bit more on food and do a bit of cooking and meal planning!

Hope all is going well, and that the scales have been kind to you this morning.

regularbutpanickingabit Mon 20-Jun-16 07:27:14

Morning! Thanks BIWI.

I am ecstatic - 2.8lb off today which takes me to 15.5lb off in total. Oh. My. God. Yessssss!!!!!

Third goal of a stone has been achieved and I can't believe it.

Next goal - get under 200lb.

Thank you thank you thank you!

GuyMartinsSideburns Mon 20-Jun-16 07:28:13

Morning smile

128 for me, if someone could put that on the spreadsheet please? flowers

Have a great day all

MaryThorne Mon 20-Jun-16 07:30:52

Stillloving sorry to hear that.

BIWI, thanks for the new thread. I'm pleased to be 2.4lb down since Monday (nearly week 5 for me) despite the carbs which I ended up having at Saturday's wedding.

Good luck with the weigh ins everyone! Well done to those who have lost and KOKO to everyone else smile

MaryThorne Mon 20-Jun-16 07:31:39

Regular that's brilliant!

regularbutpanickingabit Mon 20-Jun-16 07:32:16

Guy - have added it to the spreadsheet for you.

WanHeda Mon 20-Jun-16 07:40:52

I have lost 7lb this week, but I had gained 8lb last week, so still 1lb up on my lowest BC weight. Will koko!

BIWI Mon 20-Jun-16 07:47:42

Wan - that 8lbs won't have been fat. You would have been re-filling your glycogen stores. Which is why most of them also disappeared so quickly!

KOKO, have a strict week, and you should be fine.

WanHeda Mon 20-Jun-16 07:56:18

Hoping to get a net loss this week, also shows me that I cannot afford a weekend "off"! Thanks for all your wisdom Biwi.

BIWI Mon 20-Jun-16 07:58:45



bettyblueeyes83 Mon 20-Jun-16 08:12:53

Thank goodness the whoosh fairy stuck around! 162.7 after bouncing around 167/166 for the last four weeks. This makes for a 12.3lb loss over the five weeks, which I'm very happy with. And I'm particularly happy that this week's loss takes me firmly over the milestone of 60lbs lost since my highest ever weight in 2012.

And in a week when I had dark chocolate (twice), wine/soda water spritzers, and a decidedly high carb disaster with the sugary beef jerky. Now just praying I don't bounce back up again this week...

Thanks BIWI and all, this thread has provided so many ideas and so much help. Looking forward to the second half!

ReggaeShark Mon 20-Jun-16 08:16:29

Morning. Thanks for the new thread BIWI. 1.5 lbs off this week. So back to where I was 2 weeks ago. Sigh. But feel slimmer though. And my arms of doom, while still flappy, are less bulky. Result. Now can I keep going to ditch the pesky last 5 lbs?

Been invited for tea and cake this morning. Will definitely resist but hope I don't get drawn into a low carb discussion. Will have a nice breakfast before I go.

Xoticdreamz Mon 20-Jun-16 08:25:37

Morning ,125 for me this morning , same as last week I think which is fine as I got my period yesterday and always go up a bit .
Feeling much slimmer in general and starting to feel better about the prospect of bikini's in a few weeks .
Can someone please update the spreadsheet for me .
KOKO everyone

MothershipG Mon 20-Jun-16 08:25:54

Deeply depressing 2lb up this morning sad I know weight loss isn't linear but it was still a miserable sight sad sad sad.

boldlygoingsomewhere Mon 20-Jun-16 08:36:03

1lb off for me this morning which was a welcome sight after 2 weeks of no change.

Please could someone put 134 on the spreadsheet for

StuntNun Mon 20-Jun-16 08:44:58

The scales are going the right way again for me: 3lb off overall this Bootcamp. DH is away on business for ten days from Wednesday so hopefully no carby sabotage for a while.

Mookbark Mon 20-Jun-16 09:11:57

I have a loss - all 0.4lbs of it! grin
Bit disappointed as I haven't gone off piste - have been BC except for 1/2 glass of wine, 1 square dark choc and a bowl of strawberries and cream. But it's a loss and I have now lost exactly 10lbs in the six weeks I've been doing this. My skin is better, my pre-menstrual boob pain is better, I have more energy, I love the food and I DON'T FEEL HUNGRY.
So, I'm counting my NSV blessings this morning and KOKO.
Well done to those that have had good losses and flowers to those that haven't.

NotdeadyetBOING Mon 20-Jun-16 09:13:06

Morning all. Re last night's pork belly fat - really couldn't bring myself to chew all that fatty blubbery stuff. BUT - I did save all the rendered fat to use for cooking things today! And had I managed to make crackling, would have gone down a treat.

I massively over ate cheese yesterday. Not going to go into details - probably best draw a veil over it. BUT, it was DD's birthday party and I didn't touch the pizza and only had a smallish slice of cake. Ok, so that was cheating, but under normal circumstances I would have had several fat slices over the course of the day….

Going out to a Japanese restaurant tonight so planning on sashimi and meat skewer type things. Trouble with Japanese is - they use sugar in all their sauces - so even things without rice are v. carby (in a stealth way).

NotdeadyetBOING Mon 20-Jun-16 09:14:06

Oh, and I have got in some Stevia sweetened chocolate bars. Not sure what people think of those. I don't think I will ever be the sort of person who can have a single square of chocolate and leave the rest of the bar. But thinking these might be a good treat when I am desperate.

HumphreyCobblers Mon 20-Jun-16 09:27:12

Hello everyone

Have just recovered from the period from hell. Despite keeping to bootcamp I put on a grand total of 8llbs in water retention, taking me back to the same weight I started at!!! Something strange is going on, I think I may be peri menopausal, as normally this WOE eliminates my PMS symptoms. I have really struggled with my mental state, I stopped sleeping and got very grumpy about the weight gain, especially as I felt I didn't deserve to put on that much <irrational>. I had to take major painkillers too which I know won't have helped.

Still, I am two pounds down and three days into it now. Nothing to do but KOKO.

Well done to everyone who is KOKO. Thanks for all the supportive posts and sorry I haven't been making any myself! I am very grateful for this thread.

AuntieMaggie Mon 20-Jun-16 09:41:35

Just marking my place....

Still here but a couple of slips the weekend (a bread roll on Friday amd a bottle of beer Saturday) but I've got a lot going on and this isn't a good time of year for various reasons... onwards and downwards... will weigh myself when I get chance.

Good luck ladies smile

MissRainbowBrite Mon 20-Jun-16 09:57:06

Morning all, I'm going to weigh in with my weight from yesterday AM as I had a planned "day off" yesterday and won't dare to look at the scales until at least Wednesday.
I'm definitely back on the wagon today though and planning to have a strict week, just been to Tesco and bought loads of veg and fatty meat and planning to flush out yesterday's carbs with lots of water today.
Can someone please add me to the spreadsheet - MissRainbowBrite 139

flyright Mon 20-Jun-16 10:03:24

No great progress here but I gave lost last week's gain plus .2 of a pound <proud>

Things were looking better Friday but I had 3 days of wine. Not solidly you understand. But significantly. Especially yesterday. blush

So today am trying for a kind of mini fast day just to shake things up and repair a bit of the damage. Will keep to boot camp rules just keep quantities low

Good luck KOKO everyone. In other news here it's DD's last A level tomorrow. Thank God.

LaserShark Mon 20-Jun-16 10:15:35

Away for the weekend. There was cake and wine and this morning a two and a half pound increase on the scales. I wouldn't be worried if I could get my head back on track this morning but I can't seem to get into the BC frame of mind and feeling dangerously 'fuckit'ish. Thought I would skip breakfast but then got hungry and started nibbling cheese and dark chocolate - if I'd just had a nice substantial plate of scrambled eggs with leek I would have been much better off! Am all fuzzy-headed and grumpy and low on energy. Plus I feel a bit like I can't do much from now on as am visiting family again next weekend which could be another setback and then going on holiday next month. It's no reason to give up now, I know, but I think there is a pre-menstrual imp in the back of my mind telling me that it is! Think I need to go drink a big glass of water and do some meal planning!

nekobus Mon 20-Jun-16 10:26:28

Good Morning all!

0.5 pounds off for me this week, 174.5 not great but I'll take that as I have many more NSVs like clothing and nice comments from others who have noticed the weight loss. Plus a few significant cheats around birthdays and meals out so I'm not surprised. It's not the lowest I've been which was 173 something so I know I can do this!

I think I've been creeping back into bad habits like snacking (I'm not hungry just emotional) and portion size out of control. So, hardcore bootcamp this week with proper food, fewer snacks, all my water and I will forego the alcohol which was starting to be more than just a glass or two at the weekend.

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