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Serious now, my weight is getting beyond

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BeyondTellsEveryoneRealFacts Sun 19-Jun-16 15:33:40

It needs sorting, pronto.
Gonna do my own little thread diary thingy again...

Weighing in tomorrow morning.

pinkieandperkie Sun 19-Jun-16 15:43:27

Good luck, I hate getting on the scales, it's so bloody depressing. What's your plan?

BeyondTellsEveryoneRealFacts Sun 19-Jun-16 15:57:03

Lc bootcamp started from scratch. Exercise is buggered as (alongside existing health conditions) i have whiplash and cant really move, so it needs to be 99% diet.

I might even, once i get into it, go 5:2 on top of bootcamp

pinkieandperkie Sun 19-Jun-16 16:06:48

How much weight do you want to lose? I started five days ago by stopping chocolate, cakes and biscuits. I don't actually eat too much food, I just stuff in the chocolate and biscuits all the time. The last few days have been difficult and have had a constant headache from lack of sugar. I need to shift two stone.

BeyondTellsEveryoneRealFacts Sun 19-Jun-16 16:12:01

Anything that i can lose and keep off with my disability is a bonus, i dont have a number in mind really.

BIWI Sun 19-Jun-16 18:44:03

Beyond don't work yourself up about exercise - you can lose weight just as well without it.

I wouldn't try and do 5:2 until you're well into Bootcamp - but once you are, I think it's an excellent plan.

The other thing to consider would be Michael Moseley's Blood Sugar diet, if you can contemplate 800 calories a day. But it sounds like that is having some excellent results.

BeyondTellsEveryoneRealFacts Mon 20-Jun-16 08:10:09

I might have a look at the mm diet biwi, i'll see how i'm doing

Weighing in today at my standard restarting bc weight! 222.2 lbs.

Breakfast is coffee and cream, fried aubergine and scrambled eggs

BeyondTellsEveryoneRealFacts Mon 20-Jun-16 09:50:11

I've ordered the book as i found it cheap on ebay. I like the idea of the four weeks plan to start me, and of losing a chunk of weight fast.

But for now, back on bc smile
Litre of water for watching got.

BeyondTellsEveryoneRealFacts Mon 20-Jun-16 16:40:22

Another two litres of water

Bolognese with cheese
Coffee with cream

Roast lamb with cauli and kale

SayrraT Mon 20-Jun-16 21:17:50

beyond my parents both did the Michael Mosley book and had some really good results from it. I think they liked the fact that it gave them the meal plans so that they didn't need to work out what was suitable. Both of them lost a good chunk of weight then went on a long cruise round the Galapagos Islands and Peru and put it all back on!

BeyondTellingEveryoneRealFacts Tue 21-Jun-16 06:54:47

Ah cool. The recipes thing will be handy as i can just giveit to dh to read, as he does all my food. Otherwise he isnt great at portions! (I halfwonderif he is a feeder grin )

BeyondTellingEveryoneRealFacts Tue 21-Jun-16 07:30:52

Down 0.8 lbs smile

Breakfast - smoothie made with greek yog, raspberries, blueberries, celery and mint. Coffee with cream. (222 cal, 14g carb)

BeyondTellingEveryoneRealFacts Tue 21-Jun-16 13:24:57

Lunch - one egg scrambled in butter and an avocado (378 cal, 14g carb)
Green tea
Second litre of water

BeyondTellingEveryoneRealFacts Tue 21-Jun-16 16:58:36

Third litre of water
Green tea

Dinner - 2 lc chipolatas, cabbage and brocolli (188cal, 13g carb)

Total = 788cal, 41g carb

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