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Low carb and anaemia

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FurryTurnip Tue 14-Jun-16 20:35:19

Hi, my first time on this thread. I am hoping someone might have some words or wisdom (or reassurance) for me.

I was diagnosed with severe anaemia a couple of months back. I am on iron tablets, and try to eat plenty of iron in my (vegetarian) diet.

I am very keen to try a low carb diet as I have about a stone to lose, and find carbs make me very bloated and windy (especially combined with the iron supplements.)

My worry is getting enough iron in my diet. I eat eggs and tofu, as well as the obvious green leafy veg which I know are fine on low carb, but I also rely a lot on nuts, seeds, dried fruit, lentils, pulses etc for iron which I know I'd have to cut out.

Does anyone have any thoughts on iron intake and low carb diets? I don't want to start keeling over! Any other anaemics out there who have done well with this as can give me some tips?

Thanks all!

StuntNun Wed 15-Jun-16 07:17:13

Most low carb plans allow pulses for vegetarians. Nuts and seeds are fine too so long as you stick to the low carb ones. Rose Elliot has a low carb vegetarian cook book which a lot of low carbers recommend (although I haven't used it myself).

FurryTurnip Fri 17-Jun-16 14:00:13

Thanks StuntNun. I will track the book down. Think maybe I was focusing too much on the 'bootcamp' bit which felt very limited, but may be best for me to just do a more gentle low carb so I can keep those extra things in.

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