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Feeling disheartened :(

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3perfectweemen Thu 21-Apr-16 09:32:25

I lost 6lb the first week, put pound on the next week lost lb the next.. why can I not loose anymore , I haven't done anything different than the first week I'm on week 5 and only 5lb down confused

saffynool Fri 22-Apr-16 08:09:19

Well, weight loss is not linear, some weeks you will lose, some you won't, some you may even gain. TOTM? Anecdotally some people get a bit of a stall around the 4-5 week mark but the only thing that will sort that out is to keep going, maybe tweak a few bits in your diet.

What are you eating?

BIWI Sat 23-Apr-16 17:14:52

It's very, very common in weeks 3 and 4 of a low carb diet for your weight loss to stop. But from here on, it should get going again.

You know it works, as you've already lost 5lbs! Which is brilliant.

Just keep on doing what you were doing in the first week and you should be fine.

3perfectweemen Sat 23-Apr-16 21:16:56

Thank you feeling good about it again smile I had eggs for breakfast dinner and tea yesterday to try and kick start it again I'm now 7lb down smile

BIWI Sun 24-Apr-16 16:22:20

Yay! flowers

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