Does low carbing become less effective each time you try?

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Platelet Fri 15-Apr-16 22:45:16

I started low carbing around two years ago and I was really successful, lost around 2.5st fairly quickly (about 4 months) . I started re introducing carbs a little but inevitably over the past 18 months or so I've gained around 8lbs. I've attempted a few times to restart my strict low carbing but cannot lose anything and I give up after about a week as I just don't see any movement in the scales at all and lose motivation.
Is it normal to find that successive attempts at low carbing is harder or am I just not giving it enough time? Originally I'd see a lovely loss in the first week that would help spur me on but now I see nothing sad

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reup Fri 15-Apr-16 22:54:04

I found that it didn't work for me 2nd time. I tried a variation of it a few years later (3rd time) and lost a bit the first week then didn't, then got v constipated which hadn't happened the 1st time.

I would like to try it again as the 1st time, it was the only diet I've ever been on where I wasn't constantly hungry.

StuntNun Sat 16-Apr-16 06:49:25

People do talk about the 'golden shot' idea that low carb is most effective the first time round. If you've been on the low carb Bootcamp threads then you'll know that BIWI emphasises how strict you need to be to lose weight. Another factor is that the first time you start a low carb diet you are likely to be overweight and insulin resistant and many people see an immediate loss of visceral fat. If the second time you aren't as metabolically damaged and haven't got as much weight to lose, it isn't really surprising that weight loss occurs more slowly than the first time round.

I suspect that second time around, carbs are more likely to creep in and scupper your weight loss. Foods such as nuts and dark chocolate can add a lot to your daily carb intake. Low carb versions of foods such as low carb bread can also have a substantial quantity of carbs. It may be necessary to go back to basics: meat, fish, eggs, healthy fats and low carb vegetables.

StuntNun Sat 16-Apr-16 06:53:05

Reup constipation is a relatively common problem in the first few weeks of starting a low carb diet. It's because you lose a lot of water initially along with your glycogen stores and due to increased loss of electrolytes. If it's a big problem for you then take something such as lactulose at first and make sure you're drinking plenty of water.

stilllovingmysleep Wed 20-Apr-16 22:25:14

I didn't find this (so far at least). I did low carb quite strictly for a few months about 5 years ago & did very well. For purely emotional issues I then went back to full-on carb eating and got disappointed / put on the weight. While I had been doing the low-carb diet I wasn't hungry, was steadily losing weight & was generally feeling I'm eating very healthily.

A few years later (5-6 years ago) I've done whole30 for (ahem!) 30 days and then I switched to strict low carb--I'm now on day 8 and losing very happily / steadily. Still early days but I don't see a difference from that time 5 years ago. I do believe it's the absolutely only way I can lose weight & feel OK / not miserable / not hungry.

Drogon Sat 14-May-16 20:16:07

I've found this, I'm considering trying a different approach because I'm so disheartened!

I've lost just over 3 stone so far but I've had a few blips! Just last week I was on holiday and devoured every carb in sight and put half a stone on. I know the science behind it and the extra weight is mostly water from carbs but it's so hard getting past the sugar cravings.

When I first started I didn't have to track carbs, just followed a rule of not eating anything with over 5g carbs per 100g. I lost 1lb each week steadily.

Then after first and second carb session I went back to what I was doing before but spent 2 months losing and gaining the same couple of lbs angry

Now I have to track my carbs on MFP and stay under 25g to lose weight. Which is a pain with having to weigh everything and work out quantities for meals. I make meals from scratch and never measured my ingredients so it's a huge pain sad

Having a big rant now because I've wanted to vent about this for ages grin

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