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Week 9 - Low Carb Bootcamp - our last fortnight

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BIWI Mon 14-Mar-16 07:09:19

I know! How can it have come to this so soon?!

SoF for you here

Hope you all have good results this morning, and here's to a good week.

Last two weeks of Bootcamp are going to have to be strict Bootcamp ones for me I think, after the last couple of weeks.

Good luck all


BeautifulMaudOHara Mon 14-Mar-16 07:10:23

I need to join this! Carb city weekend and I feel shocking for it!

sheepysheep Mon 14-Mar-16 07:43:28

I fell off the wagon this weekend, having stuck to boot camp rules since the start. I'm not sure why - I've been a bit disheartened at staying the same weight for weeks. Also I started running (waddling) again four weeks ago. Does Increasing exercise slow down weight loss? I'm only running 3 X 4miles per week so it's not massive mileage. I feel better for running but also wiped out - is this lack of carbs?
I gave into the cravings on Saturday then yesterday I felt miserable and couldn't stop - so two days of stodgy horrible carbs and I have put on 5lb!! So I'm back to end of January weight in two days sad.
Does anyone have any advice for low carb plus exercise? Especially when starting out?
I'm going to have a strict week to try to undo the lost weekend ...

Hope everyone has a good week smile

blackteaplease Mon 14-Mar-16 08:13:58

Place marking to come back to later. Have had a v small loss after falling of the wagon this weekend.

StuntNun Mon 14-Mar-16 08:30:51

STS here so I'm going to be extra careful this week and see whether I can get the last 2lb off. DH is away this week which might help as he just can't get the hang of low carb cooking. Sunday lunch was roast chicken, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, peas and parsnips roasted in maple syrup! sad I had a very dispiriting meal of some chicken and one piece of parsnip.

BeyondTellsEveryoneRealFacts Mon 14-Mar-16 08:36:05

After being ill i went way off piste blush

Today i am back and super strict. Breakfast of black coffee, fried mushrooms and scrambled eggs

ChesterDrawers Mon 14-Mar-16 09:29:08

No way am I getting on the scales after the weekend I have just had! Thoroughly enjoyed it though, just what the doctor ordered, but it's definitely had an effect on my waistline! Head down for the next two weeks, and beyond.

B: Greek yog, cream, vanilla and cinnamon
L: scrambled eggs, cream, butter
D: Lamb donner, HM mayo, swede chips, some other veg?

nekobus Mon 14-Mar-16 09:45:53

I'm gearing myself up to get on the scales! I feel like I've put on, and fell off the wagon this weekend. This diet is so unforgiving of slip ups so I know I've done some damage shock

Back to basics this week.

CassandraKumquat Mon 14-Mar-16 10:26:11

Morning all. I haven't been on the thread for a couple of weeks, so I hope everyone's okay.

I lost 6lbs in the first four weeks (started beg Jan) but have STS now for the fast five weigh-ins. 6lbs short of goal weight and thinking it may be dairy holding me back <wail>. Going to have a super strict week and keep my fingers crossed.

Good luck to everyone this week!

StuntNun Mon 14-Mar-16 10:52:14

Sheepy exercise can affect weight loss by causing water retention, especially if you feel sore the day after running. If you're fat-adapted then you shouldn't feel wiped out by running, I suggest you keep it up and it should get easier as you get fitter and stronger. The 5lb weight gain will be mostly glycogen and water so get back on the wagon and it will shift again in a few days.

NigellasGuest Mon 14-Mar-16 11:20:32

DOWN 3.5lbs having STS for 2 weeks!

So pleased!!!

Doing 16:8 really working for me to shift my final pounds - hooray. That, plus the discovery of chia seeds!!! Apologies for over-use of exclamation marks..... grin

LexLoofah Mon 14-Mar-16 11:29:09

nigella, that's great, think I need to try IF for last 2 weeks as still pissing about with the same few lbs on and off, this week it is one lb on but putting that down to epic totm which is unusual for me, usually barely noticeable so hopefully that is hormones as fat is released from cells <clings to straws>

BUT still grateful for weight lost already, we were out with DCs yesterday and walked for ages and then joined in their 'run to the next tree' etc which I would not have done 12 months ago

B - smoked mackerel, eggs, butter - love mackerel, hate tasting it for the rest of the day though and DH giving me a wide berth!
L - will be roast beef, lettuce , hm mayo rolls up with parmesan crisps and a dill pickle
D - will be lamb donner (like minds chester) with cabbage wraps and maybe a yogurt, cucumber, shallot type sauce

GuyMartinsSideburns Mon 14-Mar-16 11:37:00

Could someone put me in at 127 please? Thanks flowers

lovelycuppateas Mon 14-Mar-16 13:25:08

I've gained weight this week, but no surprises because I ate all sorts of stuff I shouldn't have - including far too much cake!

The plus side of this is that I know exactly what's going on, and feel that if I get back to eating properly I'll lose the weight again. So none of the anguish, self-blame or feelings that I'll pack it in, which is refreshing. I'm definitely with those of you who want to be really strict this week! Back to eggs for breakfast and roast pork salad for lunch today, so hopefully I'll have better news next week.

sheepysheep Mon 14-Mar-16 13:33:26

Thanks stunt for the words of encouragement smile It could well be DOMS related. I've started slowly after a couple of years of running abstinence (pregnancy and BF put me off running as well as having no time!). I used to do quite a bit of distance running so my head is more willing than my legs at the moment!!

I am back on the wagon today and feeling better already - I should maybe go for a long hill run to get rid of all the glycogen and its associated water!

DiscoDancer Mon 14-Mar-16 14:02:09

Will catch up later but can someone add my weight of 74kg please? Another one on a strict one this week! Need to get back on it! Had some carbs last week and felt so fat and bloated, just not worth that feeling in my mind anymore. confused

BIWI Mon 14-Mar-16 14:33:13

Don't know if any of you have seen this, but M&S have just launched a new range of ready meals, called Balanced For You - they're high protein and low(er) carb. Just had this one for my lunch and it was really tasty - and a decent portion size as well.

AuntieMaggie Mon 14-Mar-16 15:48:26

STS again here - still not drinking enough... its not easy with a toddler that steals/spills your drink all the time when you have time to have one! I've taken to keeping a full pint glass in the kitchen and drinking everyone I go in there which is a lot when I'm home with ds! I haven't strayed so will koko and hopefully have a whoosh these last couple of weeks though I'll be carrying on indefinitely.

WandOfElderNeverProsper Mon 14-Mar-16 15:56:27

This is more posts than I've seen for ages!

I'm having an up'n'down week, made some huge strength gains, had some killer cardio sessions, really had energy! But I'm boing-ing up and down the same half kilo, Creatine bloat hit at the same time as a random huge heavy TOTM, n just going from "yay my body rocks!" to full on "I hate my body" mood swings. Old disordered eating urges rearing their head, I'm trying to battle on and eat regularly. Phew, its hard work, this being normal malarky!

Jealous but also well done to those who have lost! I haven't looked at the amounts (nor have I done the spreadsheet, cause its triggering for me to see the numbers esp if they're smaller than mine) but really well done!

WandOfElderNeverProsper Mon 14-Mar-16 15:59:32

auntie DD used to do this to me lol. We have separate water bottles on the go now, mine plain white/clear, hers glitzy frozen (of course!). No spillages + no stealing smile

NigellasGuest Mon 14-Mar-16 16:44:35

Lex try it, if you have a few stubborn pounds to lose it could be a good idea

AuntieMaggie Mon 14-Mar-16 17:30:58

wand I tried something similar but he still wants mine! I'm going to have to buy two identical bottles! Honestly I've never known a child so mad about water! He hasn't left me alone since I picked him up at 3 and has cried every time I've tried to do something else like cook dinner... sigh... think we're going through a clingy phase!

shouldiblowthewhistle Mon 14-Mar-16 18:01:53

I've lost another 3 lbs this week. Hurrah!

However, I have had some carbs (and alcohol) on the weekend as I had guests over and we were out and about all over the place, so have put on another 2 lbs as a result. However, I'm confident this will slip away over the next few days. I'm well into the swing of LCing so it's not a burden to get strict again.

B: fried celery and 2 eggs
L: avocado
D: Spanish chicken plus some smoked haddock (that needs eating) and a roasted cabbage

Only had 2L water so far but about to tuck into several pints to bring it up to 4L.

Chester glad you had a good weekend!

For everyone who is STS - you simply have two choices: KOKO or give up. And give up is a rubbish option. Here's to losses next week - I know how hard it is when you don't lose.

WhatDat Mon 14-Mar-16 18:20:39

Disco and Guy I've added you.
My scales say 3lb off for me but I can't believe it. Moved them around 3 times confused

B: 2 hard boiled eggs
L: Salmon and soft cheese
S: 2 chicken thighs roasted
D: Hm beef burgers with tomato and coleslaw

Moanranger Mon 14-Mar-16 18:29:35

Hi, all,
Didn't post last week, STS, but this week down 1-1/2 lbs, which, I think
, makes it 187, if someone could post that for me, I would br grateful.
Something kind of shifted this week - I noticed having less lodge around the middle, & I am getting in the rhythm of this - egg " muffins", chicken wings, ribs made with a rub ( the trick is to use lots of smoked paprika & salt & you get that bbq flavour) Lots of salad with dressing & small amounts of cheese. I feel comfortable with this WOE & have plenty of energy. Onward!

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