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Week 8 - Low Carb Bootcamp - how much can we lose in the next 3 weeks?!

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BIWI Mon 07-Mar-16 07:21:41

3 weeks?! I hear you cry! How come? Well, there are three weigh-ins left until we finish, so if we really concentrate and focus, that's a chance to lose at least three more pesky pounds.

Here's the Spreadsheet of Fabulousness for this week

Good luck everyone flowers

AuntieMaggie Mon 07-Mar-16 08:46:27

Morning smile

I had a 5 am start this morning so haven't weighed. I'm breaking all sorts of mn train etiquette with boiled eggs and make up and I don't care grin

Good luck everyone. Here's to a good week!

hefzi Mon 07-Mar-16 08:59:56

Just checking in with everyone: I'm not going to be back weighing in before the end of this bootcamp, so just hoping to stay more or less the same until I lose the crutches and escape back to my own home grin

Hope everyone's had a good week.

ChesterDrawers Mon 07-Mar-16 09:29:25

Checking in to get myself back on track.

Horrible week last week. DH and I were seriously considering separating, so my appetite vanished and what I could manage to eat was most definitely not LC. We've talked lots and decided we want to stay together, which is great, but that has resulted in a few celebratory meals and lots of wine which again, were not in any way LC.

I haven't weighed in, but can tell I've got a bit of bloat going on. So today's plan:
B: eggs, butter
L: prawn salad, olive oil
D: Two Black Farmer sausages, swede mash with butter, roast broccoli and asparagus in olive oil

I hope everyone is doing ok? I'm going to read last weeks thread tonight, so will catch up with all the news then.

lovelycuppateas Mon 07-Mar-16 09:38:19

Haven't been posting much because of horrible stressfulness and equally difficult busy-ness over the last few weeks, but have been (mainly) keeping on with low carb.

I had an indulgent week last week including a really lovely meal out, but seem to be hovering around the same weight anyhow. I'll see if I can go down a bit over the next three weeks as it would be great to break the 75kg barrier!

Sorry to hear about your problems, Chester. Really glad you're managing to sort things out. I've been on crutches for a while too, Hefzi - they're not very conducive to dieting in my experience! Hope you are off them soon.
Good luck for the weigh-in to everyone!

blackteaplease Mon 07-Mar-16 10:17:35

Goodness me, so many people having a tough time this week.

I have had a whoosh with 3. 8lbs off this week and I also have a new laptop so can update again.

nekobus Mon 07-Mar-16 10:41:12

Good luck everyone and flowers for all those having a tough time of it

I've put on a pound. Gah! I knew this was coming as tummy feels really bloated and I know why - I won't list out my transgressions but let's just say I've had a few completely off-BC moments. blush

All back on track today. But as this is the second week of putting on, I really need to turn things around for the last push to the end of BC (although I am going to stay on BC until I've lost the next 2 stone...). I'm debating doing something like ubercamp or an egg fast even though I know that if I just follow BC rules I will lose weight. Get your stick out BIWI !!

blackteaplease Mon 07-Mar-16 11:01:11

This is weird, I can see my weight on the spreadsheet on my laptop but not on my phone. Could anyone have a look and see if I have an entry for today please?

NigellasGuest Mon 07-Mar-16 11:07:04

I'm thinking of you Chester and also BIWI
Do you ever think "what fresh hell is this?!?" I do. Best to remember, instead, "this too shall pass."

DD3 sweetly made me some LC treats for mothers day and presented them in a tupperware box tied with ribbon, and her handwritten ingredients list sellotaped on the lid. So lovely! However, her idea of LC is somewhat off piste.

As well as raiding my cupboard and using TONS of expensive things such as 90% chocolate, coconut oil, coconut flour,ground almonds etc., she ALSO used 2 tablespoons of agave syrup (which she proudly labelled as "healthy option"), raisins and granola! Obviously I couldn't NOT eat loads some of it, and I must say,very delicious it was too. Unsurprisingly I have STS this morning but to me it's worth it, as this was made with love! grin

LexLoofah Mon 07-Mar-16 11:35:43

blacktea yes I can see your entry for today, great news on the whoosh

sorry to hear of tough times chester and BIWI

2lb down, so back where I was 2 weeks ago, hoping for more after uber but will take it as in the right direction and I need and want to eat like this anyway, just impatient BUT it proves that I lose when I stick to it - ah easily said

B - smoked mackerel, 2 sb eggs - should have added butter
L - will be rest of pork tenderloin which I will make a sort of stroganoff with and cabbage noodles
D - will be spag bol (which is pretty carby with wine, veg, tomatoes so will measure out a cup), courgette taking new spiralizer for a spin, parmesan and going to attempt cauli garlic bread as have a half manky cauli to use up

blackteaplease Mon 07-Mar-16 11:47:07

Thanks Lex

Early lunch for me today as I have been up since 5am. I have just made a pizza with oopsie base, pesto, cheddar, chorizo and black olives on top. It was lush. I will definitely have that again.

FlorisApple Mon 07-Mar-16 13:25:15

Hope things start to get better for those of you going through a hard time right now!

After sts last week, I am down one pound this week, which I am happy with, but it makes me even happier that I tried on my skinny jeans today (well, a 14 for me is skinny!), and they fit quite comfortably! I haven't worn them since before I got pregnant with my DS, so it's been almost two years, and is really spurring me on to keep going now. In addition, just today I have got my first period back (my son is 11 months), and normally I would be in pain, and very bloated, but I feel pretty good. I would love to lose at least three more pounds by the end of the boot camp, so I'm going to be really strict and reject temptation!

Equiem89 Mon 07-Mar-16 13:27:22

Hello everyone smile
Well I haven't logged in for a few weeks. It all started on Valentine's Day when I ate dough balls and some Lindt lindor chocolates. I started getting cramps, feeling lathargic and upset stomach. My father has coeliacs disease so I kept eating the carbs even though I felt shit and had a blood test to see whether I also have it. The test came back negative, however in that time I've put on just over half a stone sad
I have joined a gym near work and after two induction sessions tonight is my first proper work out session. I will be lifting heaving and have found some training plans online which I will adapt. I won't be going proper low carb as I will be eating food such as sweet potatoes and maybe rice but I will go back to cutting out bread, pasta etc.
Haven't read all the previous threads but hope everyone doing well smile

momofgirls Mon 07-Mar-16 13:27:41

Hi also had a tough week emotionally.
Luckily have stayed nearly the same as last week.
Can someone put 160.2 lb on spreadsheet please.
Keep on koko nearly the end can't believe done 7 weeks.
Keep yourselves safe and take care.

WandOfElderNeverProsper Mon 07-Mar-16 13:51:32

nigella that's so sweet! I always eat whatever DD makes, I think it also shows a really good example when the adults around her can just have one fairy cake/clumsily iced biscuit/whatever and its all fine and happy and then eat well the rest of the time. No food is "bad" or "banned" etc. That will be my excuse at easter when I have to eat the egg she's got for me grin

HammerToFall Mon 07-Mar-16 14:39:30

Well done everyone smile I'm 3lb down if someone wouldn't mind adding me.

StuntNun Mon 07-Mar-16 14:42:55

Checking in but not weighing in this week. Currently laid up in bed with a tummy bug and feeling very sorry for myself. I made my own electrolyte replacement drink so I hope that will work without resorting to the nasty sachet stuff.

ThumbWitchesAbroad Mon 07-Mar-16 16:45:25

<sneaks in>

Chester so sorry to read of your awful week, glad you decided to give it another shot and really hope that it IS the best thing for you both and it works. Don't blame you for going off-piste.

BIWI - hope you're ok, I commented on the last thread about your Dad thanks

I have no real excuse for being off-piste. All day I can "do" low carbing without seemingly any trouble; but then evening comes and BAM my willpower is stamped to death by my chocolate craving. Worse, I stand there hating myself for doing it and still do it anyway. I really begin to understand more about the self-loathing aspect of the emotional over-eater now - I'm becoming one of them sad
I suspect the evening glass of wine/Pimms/alcohol is at least partly at the root of it - alcohol dulling the sensibilities but also waking up the sugar monster. Must Stop The ALcohol as well. <sigh>
But then I become even more unreasonable and moody, and the boys suffer for it.

I'm not cut out for this mother and wife crap. NOT that I'd ever leave, I just feel the "need" for a snifter or mother's little helper (albeit not gin, as it doesn't agree with me) to get me past the day's irritations. And I do enjoy the nice bits of being mother and wife, just not the crappy bits (who does?)

So - 3lb up from my lowest weight from last week and I'm really not surprised. Sad, but not surprised. sad

So today - breakfast was non-existent
Lunch was lettuce, cold roast turkey breast, cheese, whole avocado and cucumber with a mustard/mayo dressing. Very nice and good.
Dinner was mince thing - but by then I had a headache (still too fecking hot here, we're having an early autumn heatwave, oh joy, and they've been doing backburning on the bush just behind where we live, so that's still smouldering and producing quite acrid smoke - it needs to rain!!) so I didn't bother with anything else, like cauliflower mash or courgetti, because I didn't feel that great. No alcohol because headache! (smallbonus)

And then caved and had a chocolate bar (mint twirl).

But no alcohol! But still. Gah.

Wombatinabathhat Mon 07-Mar-16 16:56:38

thanks for BIWI and Chester
Hammer I've added you
mom I've also added you at 160.2. You say you've stayed the same but the sheet shows you were 168 last week?

a pound on for me. No less than I deserve but I'm koko.
Here's to a good week

shouldiblowthewhistle Mon 07-Mar-16 17:32:02

Oh flowers for BIWI, Chester, mom and thumb. Sorry to hear about people who've been struggling with anything.

Well I seem to have lost some weight! The scales say 4 pounds off this week which is an unbelievable relief. I have even been getting compliments on my skin and how well I look. I'm just hoping I haven't put it all on again tomorrow, but I definitely feel a lot thinner. Has to work sooner or later right?

This brings me to a total of 4 lbs over 9 weeks but if my body is happy to start shedding, I'm happy with that. Long may it continue!

momofgirls Mon 07-Mar-16 19:37:16

Thanks Wombatinabathhat thanks for adding my weight the chart looks fine when I have checked

ShebaQueen Mon 07-Mar-16 19:41:01

Evening all, 1lb off for me, I'm so pleased I didn't cave in to the call of the carbs on Friday night - thanks again to those of you who talked me round.

So sorry to hear about those of you who are experiencing tough times, sending best wishes to all of you flowers

Some good losses this week and a massive hurrah for should, well done for hanging on in there, I hope this is where you start to see results smile

Wombatinabathhat Mon 07-Mar-16 19:56:13

Great news should I hope the losses continue for you smile

feekerry Mon 07-Mar-16 20:52:02

139lbs if a lovely person can pop mine in. Thanks.
Some good weight loss overall having a quick read thru the posts above.
Wonder how much more we can go over the next 3 weeks!!!

DiscoDancer Mon 07-Mar-16 21:25:50

Place marking. Had a bad week with the lurgy so if someone could add my weight of 75kg then we can forget about it and move on....

BIWI hope you're doing ok? just read the last posts on the week 7 thread, sorry to hear about your dad and FIL.

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