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Week 6 - Low Carb Bootcamp - Let's do this thing!

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BIWI Mon 22-Feb-16 07:54:14


Here's the SoF for you to confess all

So we move into the second half.

By now, those of you who have been here from the beginning should be hitting your stride, and be more comfortable about what to do, what works/doesn't work etc.

Let's really focus and concentrate on doing it properly.

Good luck!


GuyMartinsSideburns Mon 22-Feb-16 08:05:31

Morning. Stayed the same again so could someone put me in at 128 again please?

I don't think this is really happening for me until I'm not so stressed. Will keep on though. We get results in 3 weeks.

Have a good day all flowers

Wombatinabathhat Mon 22-Feb-16 08:29:54

Good morning all.
Guy I've added you.
Disco You're already on.

2lb off for me. I was more than that earlier in the week but weekend got in the way.

Hope you've all managed to see a little loss if you've stuck to the rules

StuntNun Mon 22-Feb-16 08:39:55

STS again. Not surprising since DH made dinner last night involving sweet potato <facepalm> I told him there was a clue in the name sweet potato. It was our 20th anniversary so there was champers too. My new strategy is to eat more. My breakfast hasn't been keeping me going until lunchtime so I've ended up snacking. Yesterday I had a huge breakfast and I didn't need lunch until about 2 so it definitely works.

mustbemad71 Mon 22-Feb-16 08:44:26

Place marking - just having to lurk ATM as life too hectic. Well done to everyone for KOKO. I've bought Annie Bell's Low Carb Revolution- everything delish so far. Haven't lost the weight I'd regained yet but determined to keep going.

FelicityFunknickle Mon 22-Feb-16 08:57:33

Lost about 1.5 lbs. which is ok. would obviously be better if I wasn't a complete wino.
I can't remember much of yesterday (utter chaos, not pissed)
last night I had roast chicken, broccoli, lc sausage. No roasties, no stuffing. made a low carb choc cake.
'twas nice. with extra thick cream. I realise this is a BC light thing.
I think I need to just rein in the wine a bit <hic>

fohamy12 Mon 22-Feb-16 09:20:23

Sts ok with that as I know where I went wrong

nekobus Mon 22-Feb-16 10:05:49

Good morning all!

One pound off which is fine following my holiday smile This week I will be aiming to get all my 3L of water in each day, cutting down the dairy and the processed meat.

B - scrambled eggs
L - LC cottage pie (from recipe thread - I had the cauli mash on top and rest of family had potato) broccoli
D - LC sausages, dijon mustard, salad and dressing. Allowed myself pudding of 10g 85% choc melted and mixed with tbsp of extra thick dbl cream - was delish!
S - babybel, chorizo slices, boursin, coffee with milk, more 85% choc...

B - BPC, leftover chicken breast with mayo
L - LC sausage and salad with avocado
D - hm steak pie (minus the pastry! - might try fathead for me) with some LC veg on side

Good luck everyone, halfway there!

ShebaQueen Mon 22-Feb-16 10:18:47

Morning all, 0.5lb off for me - very happy with that, am almost 10 months in now, 44lbs off and on BC Lite. I am never going back!

Good luck everyone, hope there are some good losses this week smile

hefzi Mon 22-Feb-16 10:45:31

Well done everyone on your losses or no-changes!

But just under a pound and a half on here <sigh>

I'd be fibbing if I said it wasn't getting to me that some people seem to be able to go off BC and still lose, when an extra meal with cheese is all it seems to take for me to gain, especially when I have so much to lose anyway - but them's the breaks. (Why thank you- I will have a little cheese with that whine: but only a very little wink) Still, I am being absolutely rigid about not cheating, so hopefully it will pay off once I finally manage to get my head around what suits my digestion protein wise!

I've had a look at some veggie LC books, but unfortunately, apart from eggs, they seem to use a lot of tofu, soya, and TVP as their protein sources - none of which agree with me. Still - now I've learned: I can't have any dairy except for cheese, and that can only be for one meal a week. Just need to KOKO with the eggs!

This will be the last time for a few weeks I'll be able to weigh: I'm having a ligament reconstruction this afternoon. I'm having to go and stay with family for a while when I'm out of hospital, as I live alone and my kitchen is difficult to manage with crutches as it's so small - so I shall do the best I can BC wise. I have explained about the WOE, but I have no doubt there will be sabotage both deliberate and intentional! I think my goal is to try to put back on as little of what I have lost already as I can, and to come back home with my head screwed on and ready to get stuck in again.

Well done everyone on your losses - and KOKO: we're in the downhill stretch now!

keeponkeepinon Mon 22-Feb-16 10:47:16

Hi all, ive added myself to the spreadsheet at the bottom. Hope that's ok.
Thanks biwi I understand that fat is good and everything, its more the "we don't count calories, but calories do count!" thing that gets me. Despite this, I thoroughly enjoyed thebacon and mmushrooms fried in butter with a squirt of mayo I had this morning...

WandOfElderNeverProsper Mon 22-Feb-16 10:58:33

hef I get your frustration! I'm another who seems sensitive to everything. I would swear that even smelling carby foods has knocked me out before.

keep get loads of fat in regularly to stabilise that insulin, calories come later. The appetite regulating effect of LC has made me go from a persistent all day snacker struggling to stay under 2000cal a day, to being utterly shocked I'm not even eating 1000 calories a day without hunger now(after 4 months)! I made a plan with my PT to up my calories to 1800 on a 5%/20%/75% macro split and am still losing! Long story short, calories matter, but not yet and not that much anyway. Seems very weird for me to say that as I've been an obsessive calorie counter for the last ten years.

Gcalgske Mon 22-Feb-16 11:03:12

keepon It is tricky but I think the beauty of BC is the simplicity. For the first wee while just eat freely from the allowed list, eat your three meals until you are not hungry, drink your water. Don't worry about calories. After a wee while (takes a few weeks for me) my appetite goes due to ketosis and so naturally I am not eating too much. Yes some people need to watch calories BUT not most people. Most are pleasantly surprised to find that with the appetite reduction it's not an issue they ever have to count or monitor. I have insulin resistance and cannot eat more than 20g carbs per day and I also have other medical issues and hormonal problems so I've resigned my self that my loss will be slow but it happens. When I started BC I was 119kg and just over a year later I'm 99kg (and that's despite coming off the rails when my dad died and a couple of weeks at Christmas). I don't weigh in on a Monday because most Monday's I don't lose but I feel so much better and healthy and I'm in a size 18/20 clothes that wouldn't have fit me at this weight before. Koko. flowers

TooExtraImmatureCheddar Mon 22-Feb-16 11:04:14

Three-quarters of a lb up from last week. Oh well. I've got AF again which doesn't help. 5lbs down in 5 weeks - it's going slowly this time! Never mind. Onwards and downwards. I have been really good this week and lost 2.25 of the 3lbs I put on over Valentine's weekend. I hope some of that wasn't because I didn't have dinner last night - I was feeling sick so I went to bed at about 5 pm and slept all evening, woke up briefly when DH came to bed and then slept again. I feel better this morning and I just hope the weight stays off!


B: Greek yoghurt with cream
L: Chicken curry with a dollop of yoghurt stirred in because it had gone a bit dry overnight.
No dinner.

B: Greek yoghurt, handful of raspberries
L: Roast beef and mashed neeps (should have been last night's dinner!)
D: I hope DH makes fajitas with the leftover beef. I suggested it to him this morning but it's a faff making salsa and guacamole from scratch so he might not, considering that he's just messaged me to say DD threw up in the car after they dropped me off this morning.

I have been reading the discussion about dairy with interest, given that I have Greek yoghurt for breakfast most mornings! I should really try to find an easy portable alternative - someone mentioned making sort of breakfast muffins/crustless quiches? I leave the house at 7am and I don't like eating before I go - much rather eat when I get to work, so it has to be something that's good eaten cold at a desk! I was heartened by StuntNun saying that Greek yoghurt has most of the whey strained out of it. It's so confusing, because Dr Briffa says that Greek yoghurt is ok to be eaten in unlimited quantities, but suggests limiting cheese and cream!

blackteaplease Mon 22-Feb-16 11:10:02

Morning all. It's nice to be over halfway through. Can someone add me to the spreadsheet at 155.25 please?

I think I also need bigger meals, I have been feeling very snacky late morning and afternoons.

AuntieMaggie Mon 22-Feb-16 11:34:19

Morning. Well done on the losses and STS!

Another kg down for me so 7kg overall. I haven't updated the sheet though since the start cos i can't do it on my phone and keep forgetting to log on but I am still here grin

My stomach feels weird and I don't know if it's weight loss related or because of the extra periods or what but I think I read someone mention on a previous thread about the feeling in their stomach they get when they lose weight... I'm assuming I'm not pregnant due to the periods I've had!

I find I need to snack if I have breakfast too early so try to eat around 7-8 rather than 6 with ds! Though if I don't eat I can go all day without being hungry sometimes.

Anyway another week - hope you all have a good one smile

ThumbWitchesAbroad Mon 22-Feb-16 11:59:14

Hello all!
I have stayed the same again this week, but did have a blip upwards during the week of shame, and managed to get back down to where I was last week. Relief. And cross with myself for the week of shame, because otherwise I'd be probably another 2lb down.
Still, bygones.

Tooextra - the stuff about the whey fraction of the milk being the most insulinogenic only seems to have come out in the last 2 or 3 years, from what I was reading, so it may be that Briffa is just behind the science in that respect, I don't know how old his work is that you're reading.

HammerToFall Mon 22-Feb-16 12:39:57

I've made leek and turnip soup. I'm ok with these two aren't I?

feekerry Mon 22-Feb-16 12:50:03

Sts at 142 which is fine as only 2lbs off my target weight. Would be grateful if someone could pop it in spreadsheet x

Mookbark Mon 22-Feb-16 12:50:07

Thanks for all the well wishes on the end of the last thread. Having an elderly parent sucks, but the alternative is even worse.
1.6 lbs down for me today, so 7 lbs down since the start of bootcamp. Might even get a stone by the end, which would take me just into a healthy BMI grin
However, as I mentioned yesterday off for work from Tuesday afternoon until Friday evening. I will do my best and hopefully hotel breakfast will be easy, but the I suspect conference lunches will be severally limited. Then need dinners - often a lot of socialising and there is a dinner on Thursday, so I'm packing my posh frock and will power. To top it off, it's my birthday at the weekend. So, not looking for a loss this week. STS would be brilliant, but we shall see.

ChesterDrawers Mon 22-Feb-16 12:59:44

I'm baaaack even though I doubt anyone noticed my absence anyway

Half-term got me, I'm afraid. I won't go into details but I did enjoy my off-piste moments, of which there were many. I was feeling terrible though, bloated, sluggish and, sorry, windy blush so glad to be back in control. Oh, and I totally paid for it on the scales this morning.

Anyway, marathon not a sprint and all that.

B: two boiled eggs, chunk of butter, bit of cheddar
L: Broccoli and stilton soup
D: Left over pulled pork, swede chips, salad, HM mayo

Not had chance to catch up with the thread yet, or last weeks for that matter, so have plenty of reading material to keep me on the straight and narrow. Hope everyone's ok?

AuntieMaggie Mon 22-Feb-16 13:09:49

mook is there anyway you could order ahead? I always find it better to try and find out what the menus are and then order something when I'm away for work maybe using some part of the original menu... for example if it's sandwiches for lunch ask for one of the fillings with a large salad or on the evening as for extra veg/salad instead of chips/potato/rice/pasta. If you're staying in a hotel that has a fridge in the room you could take a few back up options like babybel or cooked chicken legs. I was away with someone once that even stored their own food in the hotel kitchens and had them heat it up and he ate it in his room! Also if you're drinking stick to vodka or dark rum with soda. Good luck!

Jerm123 Mon 22-Feb-16 13:36:34

Hello everyone. Well done on everyone's losses and/or perseverance. It's 1lb for me again, so down to 196 lb.

I totally stepped aside from this diet over the Valentine week-end, as there were numerous family lunches and parties and I wanted to fully enjoy them. Before that, the least I lost in a week was 2lbs and now it seems to be a steady 1lb. Before I was in a steady ketosis state (I have some sticks to test it with) and now I don't think I am. How can a boot my body back into ketosis? Other than a desert spoon of flax meal twice, I've kept to boot camp. Advice greatly appreciated!

TooExtraImmatureCheddar Mon 22-Feb-16 14:03:54

Thumb, it was Escape the Diet Trap, and I don't know when he wrote it, but I read it in 2012, so at least 4 years ago, anyway! That makes sense. What do you reckon about Greek yoghurt - yea or nay?

TooExtraImmatureCheddar Mon 22-Feb-16 14:13:38

The Mark's Daily Apple article that BIWI linked to on the last thread suggests that unpasteurised dairy is more likely to be ok...but I'm not sure where I'd get unpasteurised dairy. PIL drink unpasteurised semi-skimmed milk but they fetch it from a farm dairy near them, and have all their retired days to go source unpasteurised milk. And they still believe in low-fat. Is goat's milk better than cow's? I like goat's milk.

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