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Week 4 - Low Carb Bootcamp - We're not cheating at all, are we?!

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BIWI Mon 08-Feb-16 07:33:08

Morning all!

Here's the SoF

Hopefully it will be working for you all. As ever, if you can't enter your weight, please ask on the thread and (hopefully!) someone will do it for you.

And just to reiterate StuntNun, this WOE really does work. However, it's a very unforgiving way of eating, and if you're going to cheat, then it won't.

I totally get that circumstances interfere with things - but we all have to try as much as we can to plan around 'off piste' occasions.

Also, however, don't forget that we're still in the tricky 3-4-5 week period, where it's not unusual for weight loss to stop altogether.

Remember - KOKO! If it worked for you in weeks 1 and 2, then logically it's going to work in subsequent weeks.

Good luck all


BIWI Mon 08-Feb-16 07:36:00

ami9 sorry to hear you're in hospital sad - hopefully nothing serious?

I've noticed that according to the spreadsheet you've dropped a phenomenal 21lbs - is that really the case?!

GuyMartinsSideburns Mon 08-Feb-16 07:37:45

Can't enter mine so if someone could put me in at 129 yet again that would be lovely, thanks.

I've been good but still no loss as yet. i think I'm going to try and up my fats and see if that helps. Will keep on and hopefully have a whoosh at some point!

BIWI Mon 08-Feb-16 07:39:31


shouldiblowthewhistle Mon 08-Feb-16 07:49:03

Morning! STS for me this week but I think that's really a win considering the week I've had. Plus I'm due to get my period this week.

Am really grateful for this thread and the support it offers because I'm pretty sure if I was doing this alone I would have been drifting into carb creep and then given up this week. But I'm pretty committed and confident now. Especially after getting a great big whack from The Stick grin.

Have a great day all.

NigellasGuest Mon 08-Feb-16 08:00:27

Weighing later but hoping I'm down a pound because midweek sneaky weigh showed that. Doesn't sound much but at a pound a week I will be at goal weight in 7 weeks - sounds good to me.

lavenderhoney Mon 08-Feb-16 08:05:33

I can't weigh myself today because ds was trying to find out how the scales worked, and they are in bits.

I think I've lost weight though, in the mirror and my clothes. I will be buying more scales this week so will report back.

I've been up in the smoke last week and was v pleased to see Pret have embraced LC options- boiled eggs and a few leaves of spinach in a potsmile

BeyondBootcampsAgain Mon 08-Feb-16 08:06:00

Bobbed around 207-208 all week last week, but today (thanks to yet more constipation) i'm up to 210. I wont log it yet though, as i'll see what effect the dulcolax has first

mustbemad71 Mon 08-Feb-16 08:12:32

Disaster weigh in this morning! 1.6 lbs on aaargh! BIWI's wise words are ringing in my ears as I have cheated this weekend. Back on it today and hoping that most of it is just water retention. I'm going to post my food at the end of each day for a bit of accountability this week. I will KOKO instead of descending into a carb binge - the usual pattern!

Good luck everyone - great to see all the losses as this reinforces that this. WOE does work if you stick to it!

TooExtraImmatureCheddar Mon 08-Feb-16 08:26:26

Down 1.25 lbs since last week, total loss so far 4.5lbs. Not too bad! It's going a bit more slowly than I had hoped, but hey. There has been a fair bit of cheating. Still, I have no social events that I can think of until Feb 25th, so that should help me stay on the straight and narrow. My face is thinner, and my boobs are smaller, but that could be because I stopped breastfeeding a few weeks back. I wish I'd measured my waist at the beginning!

Have suggested to DH that he have a go with the new egg poacher plastic things we got from Sainsbos last week after a disastrous attempt at doing poached eggs the old-fashioned way. Hoping his innate love of gadgetry and cookery inspires him to try them! Am working from home so I can go and do it if he doesn't.

fohamy12 Mon 08-Feb-16 08:48:34

3lb off here, total of 14 and a half pounds altogether.

momofgirls Mon 08-Feb-16 08:50:32

Stayed on boot camp extra week 163.4 lb last two days. Please add this weight to the spreadsheet.
Moving to boot camp light from today. Tried courgette fries and mushrooms with garlic soft cheese yesterday. Enjoying reading the posts which are useful in making food choices.
KOKO were nearly half way.

StuntNun Mon 08-Feb-16 08:56:21

Two pounds off for me this week (thanks partly to Auntie Flo) so I'm really pleased with that. As BIWI says, cheating can stop weight loss in its tracks I've had a few occasions myself where BIWI has had to brandish her big stick threateningly at me. But when you get to maintenance then there are ways to incorporate the foods (and drinks) that you have been missing without gaining weight. You might be surprised at what you don't miss though. I could happily never eat bread or pasta or biscuits again but I am looking forward to being able to have a cafe latte every now and then. Your tastes change so much on this WOE as you find out what really nourishes you and makes you feel healthy.

TooExtraImmatureCheddar Mon 08-Feb-16 09:09:07

fohamy, that's amazing! Well done you!

Mookbark Mon 08-Feb-16 09:10:15

Well done all you losers flowers and KOKO those that haven't lost. That was me last week, but I'm down 2.2 lbs today, which I'm very pleased with after my unexplained blip last week. Was slightly lighter on Saturday, but I'm going with today's weight. I want to lose 8.6 lbs in the next 7 weeks to get to a healthy BMI. I think I may not quite get there, but will be carrying on after BC finishes, so not the end of the world. It would just be nice grin as I'm impatient

Today's food:
B - creamy coffee x2, avocado
L - left over fat head pizza, with extra cheese
D - something with salmon and spinach, not sure exactly what yet.

I treated myself to 10g of 85% chocolate yesterday. It was blissful. I enjoyed it far more than when I was stuffing my face with all sorts of low quality chocolate bars prior to this WOE smile

sheepysheep Mon 08-Feb-16 09:19:48

Hi I'm travelling on the train and can't update the spreadsheet on my iPhone or iPad. Could someone kindly update me - I'm 154lb.
mookbark I totally agree re the chocolate and how eating quality chocolate means less is more - apparently Lindt do a 99% bar so maybe a sniff or a lick of that will be enough to satisfy our chocolatey urges wink

Engelbert Mon 08-Feb-16 09:23:01

3.75 pounds off this week and total in bootcamp in fact , after last weeks afternoon tea related blip blush and a nice round 12lbs since 2 Jan. v happy indeed especially as I've been BC lighting with a small handful of berries occasionally this week.

Not posting much as crazy busy - hope to post more this week. Still a long, long way to go, went to the gym last night to do my couch to 5k run and the sight of me in the mirror was profoundly depressing. Shall remember when I am tempted to cheat. Baby steps and all that, but I will get there!

FelicityFunknickle Mon 08-Feb-16 09:30:14

<skulks back in, thoroughly ashamed>
Please may I come back?
I can't bear to weigh myself this morning.
I crashed at the weekend. An orgy of carbs in solid and liquid form.
So sorry. Esp to shouldiblowthewhistle
Anyway. I have already cheated a bit this morning but would very much like to get back on it.

Mookbark Mon 08-Feb-16 09:30:25

I've added you sheepy, fab lose.
I tried 100% chocolate once and it was very bitter, so not sure how high I would want to go. Will have to try the 99% one though and see what it's like.

DiscoDancer Mon 08-Feb-16 09:39:57

Checking in to catch up later when I should be working grin

hefzi Mon 08-Feb-16 09:45:43

5 lb on for me, so everything I lost from last week, plus a bit from the week before. I am trying to take comfort that at least it's no longer the extra 9lb the scales were showing on Thursday.

I'm still sticking with BC, as I know I would find it very, very difficult at this stage to just have a small portion of berries or nuts. This week's plan is to cut dramatically down on the cheese, and see if that's what caused the problem last week. Losing the cream, yogurt and butter got rid of the trapped wind problem - but clearly, replacing them with cheese won't cut it either!

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit fed up: but onwards and upwards!

FelicityFunknickle Mon 08-Feb-16 09:47:18

oh dear. I just bit the bullet and weighed myself.
Just 1lb down from starting weight. Well, that will teach me.
I might weigh daily.

nekobus Mon 08-Feb-16 09:47:22

Well done on all these losses! And for those like me who have sts or put on let's keep on keeping on!

I stayed the same although scales were down a pound mid-week. I had my first non-BC meal yesterday at a friends house but it was only one meal and not too bad I don't think so back on the wagon today!

I am into some clothes I haven't had on for a few years so the inches are coming off even if the pounds aren't smile

FelicityFunknickle Mon 08-Feb-16 09:50:33

<hugs Hefzi>

VagueIdeas Mon 08-Feb-16 09:54:33

Can someone add me at 131.6? Thanks smile

Considering I've been ill and off plan for about a week in happy to stay more or less the same. Want to get back on the wagon now though, and plan to peruse the recipe thread, because one big problem I have at the moment is getting bored of eating the same old things. Anyone want to recommend some favourites?

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