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Exante diet (does it work)

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paigerebeccaobrien Sat 06-Feb-16 13:03:29

I have got to the point where I realise I need to loose weight. I'm going to marmaris in turkey in around two to three months. I have come across the exante diet and want to buy a months worth but don't want to waste money. Does this work and what's peoples reviews ( honest ) thanks

ChesterFuckingDraws Sat 06-Feb-16 13:12:50

I've used it before and I'm back on it now. I have approx 4 st to lose, the first time I really didn't try to stick to it, I lost 14lb in 2 weeks then had a night out and fell off the wagon!
This time round I'm being a bit more sensible, I'm sticking to 3shakes a day and if I'm still hungry I'm snacking on tuna, chicken or anything that's high in protein. I think the trick is to drink lots of water I'm drinking about 3l on top of the water used in the shakes.
The first week is the toughest for me (im a carb addict)
Re the plan I much prefer the shakes to anything else on offer, the strawberry, banana, chocolate and vanilla are all nice any of the lemon ones are very synthetic tasting and not very nice. The toffee and nut bar and the Jaffa cake bar are both nice too. They have lots of offers on so you should be able to get a months worth for a reasonable price and if you're really strict you won't bpneed to spend anything else on food.

billabye Sat 06-Feb-16 13:19:58

Hi Paige come join us on the Cambridge thread in the general weight loss section. There are a fair few of us on various VLCD's smile

Pcat Sat 06-Feb-16 17:18:48

I have done exante in the past. It doesn't work for me . It is about 60g of carbs per day which is too much for me and leaves me constantly battling hungry with he blood sugar swings. It ends being a bit of a yoyo..... Can stick to it religiously for about 4 weeks but then the weight comes back on. I have 2 stone to lose

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