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how did you reduce/ give up chocolate?

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WestYorkshireGirl Mon 01-Feb-16 23:44:07

Fine with not eating crisps and biscuits. Am a bit partial to cake but don't eat it much as have stopped baking, but my downfall is chocolate in the evening which I got into as a reward for surviving another day with a baby (who is now 5!) Have tried not having any in house but there is often little treats for her or special French chocolate we save for special occasions. Is it just a matter of willpower? It's like a visceral reaction and I am sure it's linked to tiredness in the evening and a stressful job and a feeling that I deserve something nice. I eat well and generally low carb but am not shifting the last bit of weight which I am sure is down to the sugar. Any pearls of wisdom out there?

Wolfiefan Mon 01-Feb-16 23:50:40

Can you switch rewards to something food based?
Don't buy stuff for the kids you like?
Hide sweet food away in a tub with a lid on it?
Have chocolate but one small square?

BIWI Tue 02-Feb-16 22:28:39

Just don't buy it! Seriously. If it's not in the house, then you can't be tempted. And your DD doesn't need it either.

DiscoDancer Tue 02-Feb-16 22:37:10

Every time you fancy some chocolate, have a glass of water or brush your teeth?

lifeinthemiddle Wed 03-Feb-16 22:59:55

I have natural yoghurt with 1 tsp of unsweetened cocoa powder. Odd but nice. Little bit of double cream too.

maggiethemagpie Mon 11-Apr-16 19:18:07

I didn't - I just went for hotel chocolat less sweet collection, a couple of chocs in an evening still lost loads of weight doing this

maggiethemagpie Mon 11-Apr-16 19:18:30

Also Atkins peanut butter cups are lush (like reeses)

oldlaundbooth Tue 19-Apr-16 18:48:06

Eat some protein instead. Cheddar cheese, boiled egg, ham, nuts etc etc.

NotQuiteJustYet Mon 02-May-16 18:09:32

Sugar free jelly with double cream poured over it. It's virtually carb free and I don't even miss chocolate now, it's been a month since I had it.

WanHeda Mon 02-May-16 18:42:32

I have one square of Lidl dark choc with orange or cranberry, its 4.5g carbs per square but its my treat.

KP86 Mon 02-May-16 18:52:57

Buy 80% choc, it's reasonably low carb.

Or make a 'mousse' with double cream and Dutch cocoa whipped together. You can add a touch of stevia for sweetness if needed.

Ganache with 80% choc and double cream.

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