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Cheap low carb meals

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StuntNun Mon 25-Jan-16 14:20:09

Please can you give me your suggestions for cheap low carb meals. I have four kids and our food bills are sky high. Two of the kids are allergic to eggs which cuts out a lot of cheap meal options.

Mominatrix Mon 25-Jan-16 14:28:47

Non root vegetables are low carb and inexpensive. How old are your children, and why are you putting them on a low carb diet?

StuntNun Mon 25-Jan-16 14:35:49

My children are 13, 9, 3 and 1. Only my DH and I eat low carb; the kids eat a pretty standard diet. They all tend to be underweight so I'm not concerned about the extra fat that I'm adding to food.

Mominatrix Mon 25-Jan-16 16:26:43

Oh, I see. I follow the opposite diet (high carb) so I cannot give any advice, but I do know of this site which is a budget low-carb blog. For the kids, please throw in some carbs - they need them!

StuntNun Mon 25-Jan-16 18:28:29

Most meals end up compromises. So today we had lamb stew but the kids had bread and butter with it (they all hate potatoes!) Or we might have bolognese and the kids have spaghetti whereas the adults have courgetti.

hefzi Mon 25-Jan-16 23:24:42

Will your children eat things like curry? There's a lot of curry recipes that already use cheap cuts of meat, and you can adapt the ingredients if necessary to reduce the carbs (those bloody onions grin) - they could then have rice/naan/etc and you and your husband could have kale (or cauli rice)
You could also do veggie curries- Indian or Thai - and portion of some for your children to add potatoes into.

Slow cooker recipes too seem to use a lot of cheaper cuts of meat. Otherwise - egg based meals: tortilla/omlette etc with potatoes of some sort on the side for them?

If you're cooking veggie stuff - you probably know this already - for things like cauli and broccoli, it will be cheaper to use frozen, and this is often fresher than the "fresh" stuff from the supermarket anyway, as there's strict guidelines as to the total time allowed to go from field to freezer: so it can be as little as two hours from picked by the time you stick it in the saucepan.

StuntNun Wed 27-Jan-16 10:01:55

Lamb stew and cottage pie went down well with DS2 and DS4 but not so much with DS1 and DS3, in fact DS3 flatly refused to even try them. I have beef brisket tonight for my next experiment.

TrinityForce Fri 29-Jan-16 20:53:45

Lord that sounds difficult

Low carb pizza? My personal favourite is fathead pizza here or there are cauli base pizza.

Southern fried chicken here with coconut flour / almond flour as the coating.

They're junky type foods which might appeal. They certainly do to me! I've made both recipes multiple times and love them. I find coconut flour too sweet though so substitute almond.

antimatter Fri 05-Feb-16 11:33:55

Do they like couscous?

I make portion of couscous for my kids and flavour it with some concentrates flavour such as Sacla sun dried tomato pesto. You aren't saying how old are your kids but I would say one jar should last for 6 portions. SO yo umay be able to get 2 full servings for all of them.

I tried cheaper Sainsbury's pesto and it just tasted like a concoction of chemicals sad

Rice in ethnic shops is cheap and serve them with a mild curry you and DH can have with vegetables.

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