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Low cholesterol breakfasts

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UsedToBeAPaxmanFan Sat 02-Jan-16 08:09:47

I'm aiming to do a low carb diet to try to shift 2 stone. I've seen some good ideas on here as to meals I can eat, but am struggling regarding breakfast.

I've got high cholesterol which I'm trying to get under control, so want to avoid red meat, butter, cream etc. However a lot of breakfast recipes include those items. I also don't want to have eggs every day. Normally when trying to lose weight I eat porridge for breakfast, but obviously that's out if I'm low carbing.

I don't have a huge amount of time in the morning to prepare breakfast, so it's got to be something relatively easy or prepared the night before. And I can't stand avocado, so that's out.

Any ideas?

UsedToBeAPaxmanFan Sat 02-Jan-16 15:41:39

oops, meant to post this in low-carb diets, not bootcamp. I'll repost there.

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