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Best eating out options?

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RedbedheadDW Sun 29-Nov-15 20:59:11

I've eaten out twice in the past week. First time I picked the restaurant so that was easy and I went for a steak place and had steak with green vegetables.

Today was more difficult as the kids picked Pizza Express. I didn't really want a cold salad so I ended up with the baked aubergine which was 25g of carbs. The rest of the day was low and without having salad I don't think I could have got lower at PE.

Can anyone share their best eating out options while sticking within bootcamp? Restaurants that are part of chains that we tend to go to include Wagamama, Prezzo and Pizza Express. And are there any other chain restaurants that are good? I would be happy to go to a steak restaurant all the time but a bit of variety is good!

DancingDuck Mon 30-Nov-15 14:44:02

All those chains are very carb-based. You might be better off changing where you eat. Try Cote which often has a main of protein and veg no carbs, or one of the good burger chains - Gourmet Burger, Five Guys, Byron Burgers or Bills will give you loads more variety. Or go for Chinese food - order steamed fish and oyster greens while the DC have noodles etc.

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