Ideas for LC snacks please :)

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Fourarmsv2 Wed 25-Nov-15 11:22:16

Have developed a bit of a nut habit! I think I'm eating too many and it's giving me stomach ache.

Ideally not salty as that causes water retention. Going to try to aim for higher fat and lower protein.

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Letmegetanamechange Thu 26-Nov-15 08:51:29

Boiled eggs (not exactly going with the lower protein, high fat thing though-and a bit stinky if you're out and about!)

Pepperamis or a few slices of pepperoni/chorizo etc


A small block of cheese. Marks and Spencer's sell snack bars of cheese which are nice. They also do "protein pots" with 2 boiled eggs and spinach if you're out and wang something low carb.

Hmm, that's all I can think of really.

lovelycuppateas Thu 26-Nov-15 09:23:29

I often have celery with pate, celery with soft cheese etc. Basically use the celery as a kind of cracker for whatever high fat thing you fancy - not so good if you're out and about, though, unless you're organised enough to bring chopped up celery with you!

readyforno2 Thu 26-Nov-15 09:26:15

Pate! Of course! That's a brilliant snack, pretty high in protein though isn't it?

The thing with lc is just being organised I think, pork scratching's are usually my go to if I haven't got anything else.
Other snacks are, raw mushrooms (not everyone's cup of tea)
Green pepper with Philadelphia
Natural yog (although not handy if you're out and about)

Fourarmsv2 Thu 26-Nov-15 21:20:10

Pepparami = fluid retention, but often have them anyway smile Same with pork scratchings.

ALDI had packs of four pates in little jars that I sometimes eat with a spoon smile

Might buy some portion packs of Philly.

Think I need to ignore carbs a little to wean off nuts so will have some more NLY and cheese smile

Will start mass boiling eggs again for egg mayo.

All the things I used to do before I got lazy smile Thanks for the reminders. flowers

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BIWI Thu 26-Nov-15 21:23:07

Why not try and make sure that you're low carbing properly, so that you don't need to snack?

If you're eating enough fat and protein, and drinking the water, then you really shouldn't be hungry between meals.

Or are you just snacking because it's a habit?

Fourarmsv2 Thu 26-Nov-15 21:31:32

It's habit sometimes, but a meal replacement at others.

I realise my meals are a bit lazy at the moment so going to try harder. I'm low carb but boring and samey.

Sometimes I just want a crunchy texture!

Not really trying for weight loss - 5 stone down thanks to LC, but wouldn't mind half a stone off for breathing room at Xmas!

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Fourarmsv2 Thu 26-Nov-15 21:32:47

And I must drink some more water!

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Gcalgske Fri 27-Nov-15 19:45:36

Crispy cheese crisps, pepperoni crisps, with guacamole or jalapeño cheese dip.

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