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Week 7 - Low Carb Bootcamp - doesn't time fly when you're having fun?!

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BIWI Mon 23-Nov-15 06:42:22

Here's the SoF

Morning all.

So we enter the last four weeks. Still time to drop half a stone, if you can make it 2lbs per week.

A super strict week for me as I'm off to a Christmas piss up lunch on Friday and have to find something in my wardrobe to wear!

Off to Leeds today, so will start with a yummy egg pot from Leon at Kings Cross (poached egg, ham hock and truffled Gruyere sauce - with an extra poached egg for extra yumminess). Lunch will probably be something from M&S; I'm off to see my dad (who's still in hospital) after my meeting, so usually take him some tempting goodies from there, and I'll pick up some bits and pieces for me too.

Dinner tonight will be roast chicken with roast veg and salad.

Good luck to us all!


StuntNun Mon 23-Nov-15 07:29:35

Woooo! 4.5 lb down so far this Bootcamp, only 3.5 lb until I reach my goal weight. I'm not sure whether I'll reach it this Bootcamp but I'm definitely going to try!

ShebaQueen Mon 23-Nov-15 09:28:22

Morning all, whoop! Another pound off for me, my weight loss has definitely slowed but at least it's still going down. Like BIWI, I'm planning to be super strict this week as I would dearly love to drop another half stone before Christmas, I've definitely had some carb creep with milk in tea so that will be the first to go.

BIWI that egg pot sounds delicious, I'm off to see where other branches of Leon are.

KOKO everyone smile

ChesterDrawers Mon 23-Nov-15 09:47:16

A bit pissed off today as I've put on 1.5lb so back up to 10st 7 again. I seem to be bobbing up and down the same few lbs but not actually losing anything substantial.

I know why, I only have myself to blame. I am perfect 90% of the time and, while I am still sticking to LC stuff the rest of the time, I am drinking too much wine, eating too much chocolate, skipping meals and replacing them with dairy and not drinking enough water. A few tweaks will see me back on it 100%, so that is my plan this week.

And if that frickin' whoosh fairy still doens;t show her face I may not be responsible for my actions.

B: Two boiled eggs, chunk of butter
L: Something from M&S - some kind of salad with olive oil maybe
D: Got a slab of belly pork out of the freezer so will do that with fridge veg in butter

LexLoofah Mon 23-Nov-15 11:01:29

STS which I am a bit miffed at after doing a bit of IF and feeling like I was doing really well although I do know it is harder the nearer the goal weight you get. I don't drink alcohol thank goodness (sympathize with those that do though) so it is not that, perhaps need a week of no choc or really look at portion sizes stunt I know you have been there, do I need to watch the fat at this stage or keep on adding it to everything I can?

On the positive side I do feel slimmer and DH very complimentary about my figure

nekobus Mon 23-Nov-15 11:09:35

STS too. Not sure what to blame! I think this week I'll be a bit more careful, I have had a few meals out that I have tried to make as LC as possible (eg pub burger and salad, no bun) but maybe not good enough.

Good news is that I'm feeling and looking slimmer and the belt on my jeans has moved two holes smile

Good luck with weigh ins today!

B: 2 fried eggs with 2 streaky bacon and mushrooms
L: something with smoked salmon - maybe courgette with asparagus, cream and lemon zest
D: LC meatballs

WhiffyBiffer Mon 23-Nov-15 12:42:13

I think I'm down 0.5lb - bit hard to tell as my scales are old manual ones! Went off plan a bit this weekend so delighted to be still moving in the right direction. 9lbs off this boot camp and it's week 4 for me, just starting week 5 I think. More water for me and going to watch the cheese a bit. Going to try as always to be led by my appetite - eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full.
Am also going to try to post more this week about what I've eaten as I think I need that accountability.

B: coyo & coffee
L will prob be avocado salad and mayo
D might be hm moussaka if I can get my arse in gear!

glentherednosedbattleostrich Mon 23-Nov-15 12:45:15

Down 1 lb in 2 weeks. Pleased as still ill so finding meals difficult to cook as so tired.

soundedbetterinmyhead Mon 23-Nov-15 19:23:11

Can I join you here for my week 1? I'm only on day 2 and considering I mostly lived on carbs up until last week, I am doing OK. However right now I am craving sugar and might just go to bed to get away from the kitchen. Can I have fruit tea? I'm just desperate for something sweet.

LexLoofah Mon 23-Nov-15 19:30:42

sounded welcome. hopefully BIWI will be on here later but in the meantime herbal tea OK, check the label i.e no added sweetener, peppermint should be OK

if you are hungry then eat something allowed on the rules and drink more water <slosh>

you might get a bit headachey in which case more water and up your salt

the sugar craving will pass, just keep on going - feel free to post what you have had, good as a record and as whiffy says to be accountable

LexLoofah Mon 23-Nov-15 19:34:40

speaking of being accountable, current having a bit of dark choc with a peppermint tea and for the rest of the day:

B - smoked salmon, buttery scr eggs, cuppa, coffee
L - chorizo, calamari rings (from M&S not breaded), red pepper fried in oil over spinach & olives
D - texas chilli using feather steak, not heard of that before - was marvellous. cauli rice roasted in coconut oil, half an avocado, spoonful of sour cream, chunk of grated cheese - my new favourite: white fox, mmm

Gcalgske Mon 23-Nov-15 20:25:30

still not weighing but koko. Went through a bag of new stuff I'd bought ages ago (when I worked and had money) that still had tags on and found a pair of size 18 skinny jeans, they have plenty of stretch and I'm not fooling myself that anyone would want to see me in them (maybe with long boots and a floaty tunic :/)but they went on and zipped up. Whoo!


Creamy coffee
Left over ham hock fried until crisp, with buttery hambone stock and courgette
1.5 hm burgers, celeriac string fries, pan fried tomato and portabello mushroom in garlic butter

StuntNun Mon 23-Nov-15 21:04:04

Lex remember that stalls are common when you're close to goal and can last for several weeks before the whoosh fairy comes visiting. Portion size shouldn't be an issue so long as you are paying attention to your hunger and satiety signals. Some people find they need to increase their fat intake when they get close to goal. You have to eat fat to burn fat you see. If you don't lose weight for several weeks in a row then ways to break a stall are having a carb refeed to boost leptin, doing a three-day ubercamp, trying an egg fast or fat fast, cutting out dairy, and intermittent fasting. It's normal for weight loss to slow right down when you're near goal so half a pound in a week would be good going and such a small drop is easily masked by water retention so make sure you're still drinking plenty of water. For anyone with more than half a stone to lose then you can ignore all this.

LexLoofah Mon 23-Nov-15 21:22:47

ta stunt good to know it is normal and there are plenty of options to try, will save the carb refeed one for Christmas week! Seriously, will see how this week goes then decide what to do when next doing a shop.

I am not sure where my realistic optimum weight is, according to the NHS website it is between a laughable 99lb - to a more realistic 126lb. I am 129.4 now so yes I think the most I could go down now would be 7lb given my frame/build/boobs/heavy brain - ha! Would really like a buffer for holidays etc and be comfortably in the next dress size down before maintaining

gcal yay! why not wear them, go for it.

Billionnairewannabe Mon 23-Nov-15 21:26:36

Not sure what STS stands for but think I've got it!! Another whopping 1/4lb loss for me!! grin however it has taken me below the ?st 8 mark so I'm now ?st 7 3/4 which is a huge boost as was stuck at 8lbs for 3 weeks! Wearing size 14 jeans now quite easily (down from a tight 16) so am ignoring the scales and carrying on KOkO!
Stunt - that seems like good advice. I've now lost the excess 12lbs that I put on over the last year however I'm nowhere near my ideal weight and want to lose at least another stone and a half. Do I just keep waiting for the whoosh fairy (getting the jargon now)? Think I'm going back to bootcamp this week - no berries nuts etc as I seem to have stuck since I went lite?? well done Cgalske it's great isn't it when you can wear something that didn't fit.
B- omelette, bacon, mushroom, tomato black coffee
L ham salad
D leftover pork, cauli cheese, & roast veg.

2 1/2 litres of water - well done everyone reading this thread every night keeps me going!

BIWI Mon 23-Nov-15 21:45:04

STS - stayed the same, Billionaire.

Welcome, soundedbetter! Glad it's going well so far. The thing to remember, though, is that we're trying to avoid the hold that sweet things have over us, so try not to give in and have anything sweet.

BIWI Mon 23-Nov-15 21:48:07

Bit of an odd food day for me!

Had yummy Leon breakfast - I wish there were more branches of Leon around - and then a couple of mini packs of M&S cheddar, about 4 mini lamb/chicken koftas and a small pot of full fat Greek yoghurt. Got home to find that DH had cooked dinner (which is a VERY rare occurrence!); thankfully it was reasonably low carb - The Black Farmer sausages with roasted veg - cauliflower, shallot, courgette, peppers, carrot and garlic. I only had a couple of pieces of carrot so overall shouldn't have been too bad.

Currently polishing off my daily quota of water.

ChesterDrawers Tue 24-Nov-15 09:43:39

Lovely tea last night. The crispiest belly pork which was cooked to perfection, little cubes of swede roasted in olive oil and leeks and courgette fried in butter. I did succumb to a glass of red and a bar of Aldi choc but had no dairy and the scales had dropped by 1lb this morning.

Today's plan:
B: Eggs, butter, left over sausage
L: Parma ham, avocado, salad, olive oil
D: Slow cooked Greek lamb, HM coleslaw, salad with olive oil

Hoping to get to the gym later but am so busy at work I'll need to see how I get on time wise.

Gcalgske Tue 24-Nov-15 11:07:43

Leon sounds amazing. Don't think we'll get one soon here though. My rural town can't even boast a Starbucks! Subway is new and fancy for here!!!

Gcalgske Tue 24-Nov-15 11:10:39

Today I have a training course for a literacy thing I'm going to do for our playgroup then I have the maternity committee and then a Pilates class so when I'm going to eat I've no idea. I'm not well prepared. sad

ChesterDrawers Tue 24-Nov-15 13:22:07

Today I got told I looked as though I had lost 'loads of weight' grin Of course, the reality is, I've only lost just under a stone since September, but I am taking the compliment and running with it!

Leon does sound amazing, I've never heard it it before so assuming it's a 'down South' kind of thing. I get so fed up of M&S as my only quick and easy lunch option, sometimes the thought of just grabbing a sandwich on the go is so appealing.

Hope you manage to stay strong on your course and other meetings Gcal, planning is really difficult sometimes. There was cake in one of my meetings today - I didn't have any, helped by the fact this was just after my aforementioned compliment grin

readyforno2 Tue 24-Nov-15 13:29:41

Finally found you all again.. Just place marking. Off to read the thread

LexLoofah Tue 24-Nov-15 14:33:41

chester um a stone is loads, that's brill
Gcal wow busy day, hope it goes OK BC wise

B - smoked salmon, buttery scr eggs
L - quick chicken & cauli curry with a bit of red pepper using a pataks paste - they really vary in carbs, the rogan josh one is not bad compared to some of the others at 6.5g per 100g and used about 50g. Had a compulsion to add chickpeas to it (but didn't), bizarre the things one misses occasionally
D - will be lc lasagna and either salad or veg with fat added

trying to keep up with the water

have realised the very last weekend of BC is when DH and I are off to London for a kids free weekend so off to look at Leon locations, looks good.

whitershadeofpale Tue 24-Nov-15 14:49:04

Lost a lb this week. My goal for the next week is more to drink more water and be more prepared.

Wombatinabathhat Tue 24-Nov-15 17:23:02

I forgot to post yesterday. I STS from last weeks weigh in, but I had a mid week weigh in that showed a further 2 lb loss, so I've regained that iyswim confused but I know it's due to doing off piste last week.
I've been back on track since yesterday. My clothes feel so much better so I know the inches are dropping.

B: Ham and mayo
L: Chicken and courgette curry
D: Spicy pork with mayo and hallumi.

Need to up my water

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