Chia breakfast bowl, opinions please

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Fab41 Wed 27-May-15 07:34:26

I have been looking at for ideas, tried out the Berry Chia Breakfast bowl today. But then I looked on Wikipedia and chia seems to be carby?

Ingredients were chia seeds, shredded coconut, raspberries (Bc lite), coconut milk and stevia.
Is that ok? It was lovely, but like a Bircher, and easy to make the night before.

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BIWI Wed 27-May-15 14:14:16

Looking at this recipe
it says 5.3g net carbs (i.e. it's an American site and they've deducted the fibre). But I'm not sure how they calculate it to be so low, given that there are 4.3g carbs in the coconut cream alone (based on serving one person); and how many chia seeds is 1/4 a cup? Or how many berries in 1/2 a cup? And what berries?! Carb counts vary enormously.

On top of that, it's a lot of artificial sweetener added.

Personally I'd avoid!

Fab41 Thu 28-May-15 17:22:43

Thank you! Might try to modify it..

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