Week 3 - May Low Carb Bootcamp - you've survived the first fortnight!

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CrabbyTheCrabster Mon 25-May-15 05:51:40

Hello everyone. smile I'm starting this week's thread as BIWI's away and Sayra's internet connection is a bit unreliable.

Here is the The Spreadsheet of Fabulousness.

Here is the weight tracker.

So firstly, a massive WELL DONE! for surviving the first fortnight. You now have the option of moving to Bootcamp Light, which means that you can introduce low carb fruits (berries, basically - raspberries, strawberries, red and blackcurrants) and nuts to your diet. Be careful though, as this can add a lot of carbs. Nuts, especially, can be very moreish. Some people stay longer on Bootcamp proper, some do Bootcamp Light at weekends and drink wine. I'm sure BIWI will be along when she gets the chance, to give you all some pointers.

Good luck with the weigh in, everyone, and please remember that weight loss is not a linear thing. Don't be discouraged if you haven't seen as much of a loss as you'd like - just KOKO and The Whoosh Fairy will visit you, whisking away a sudden whoosh of weight. wink

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Romeyroo Mon 25-May-15 06:15:52

Thank youflowers for the new thread!

I just posted on the old one - I am now 3lb up from start of BC despite doing my best to stick to rules, and am a bit dejected. I am also extremely tired from work and dealing with personal stuff. I am going to stay on BC and see what next week brings.

Good luck to everyone else weighing

Romeyroo Mon 25-May-15 06:17:41

Sorry, just realised my post is very negative after Crabby had posted such a nice positive intro! Hopefully a more positive person will be along soonsmile

MeerkatManners Mon 25-May-15 06:33:18

Thank you Crabby I had a visit from The Whoosh Fairy on week one. She must be visiting distant shores this week as I am only 1lb down today. As a daily weigher I have lost and found a couple of pounds in the last week. Think I have really fallen down with my water intake so will work on that and KOKO. Romey I hope you have a less stressful week ahead it's never ending sometimes flowers

Sorelip Mon 25-May-15 07:00:55

2.6lb off, yay! I've cut out most dairy, and TOTM is coming to an end.

Romey it sucks when that happens. When I'm really tired I struggle to lose as well, even if I'm sticking religiously to the rules. I hope this week goes better than last!

Meerkat well done on the pound.

justonemorethread Mon 25-May-15 07:47:46

Hello all,

A very big well done to all those who managed to stick to the rules, whether you lost or not, that is quite something in itself! I'm sure by keeping going there are many health benefits apart from weight loss.

Don't be disheartened Romey, have you at least been enjoying the food and feeling less bloated?

I have stayed the same, was on my way to loosing 1kg and spent the second half of the week constantly self-sabotaging so put it back on again.

I fall in to the category of people who posted a few times with what they had been falling prey to, and while skimming through the thread on my phone saw the stern posts of other boot campers ticking us off for doing so.

You are absolutely right. It is triggering when someone else cheats, making you feel better about it because it's not just you who is weak, therefore 'normalising' it.

Those posts made me wonder 'why on earth are my doing this to myself!!?'. It's really time I take control of my relationship with food and take more ownership of it. So thank you for the kick up the backside!

However it's easy to say when feeling strong on a Monday morning. I literally don't have replacement comfort for times when I feel stressed and tired…. Except I now remind myself of how much worse I will feel after I have done my usual eating crap out of the cupboard (somehow doesn't count if you are standing behind the cupboard door and no-one sees you!!hmm ) and I keep visualising shopping for something a size smaller this summer.

I will re-do bootcamp this week and see how it goes.

readyforno2 Mon 25-May-15 07:50:47

I've put on... Up to 146.4
I think it's because dh and I went to the pub on Saturday for a wee date night as he was going again again this morning. Anyway, I'm staying on bc really want to lose a decent amount while dh is away. It's always easier when he's not here for some reason.
Koko everyone


justonemorethread Mon 25-May-15 07:53:17

Yes Romey, do not underestimate tiredness as a factor! Google things about tiredness/lack of sleep/weight gain.
It was a real eye opener to me as I have been sleep deprived for 5 years now, with a child how has had consistent sleep problems.
In January (before knowing about low-carbing) I resolved to make catching up on my sleep one of my priorities - this was my new year's resolution!

I literally declined meeting friends, postponed house jobs etc… and scheduled lying down time regularly. (either dozing or sleeping - no mumsnetting in bed!).

I lost 1kg over those few weeks without consciously changing my eating habits!!! I just didn't crave sugary snacks for energy so much.

Now it's all gone out the window, but this has reminded me I should probably get on top of my tiredness again (it's amazing how you get used to feeling constantly tired)

LotusLight Mon 25-May-15 07:53:58

I might dip in with a holiday in July coming up. Just ordered new red bikini.

Romey, some of us still have to think about calories and at least roughly track even if you are only eating meat, fish, eggs,oils.

ApplySomePressure Mon 25-May-15 08:07:03

Put on too confused even though I had fallen below 13stone earlier in the week. I'm not drinking as much water, and seem to be constipated.

Tetley650 Mon 25-May-15 08:09:58

Romey - I've added again and will be with you on BC this week. So far I have put on 9lbs!! Have started to take some additional magnesium after reading information that was linked to on the previous thread. I am not going to daily weigh or as I had been doing weighing every time I went passed the scales! Dairy will be down to the odd cream in coffee if out. Water will be guzzled at every opportunity. What does everyone drink as a cold drink?
Well done to everyone who has lost and hopefully next week will be my week!

Tetley650 Mon 25-May-15 08:20:30

I am embarrassed - I very nearly wanted say I was the same as last week rather than what really had happened when I stepped on the scales. So I took quite a bit of time umming and arhing. This is huge for me - I think I am in denial about my weight, for the first time I am facing it really facing it.

ditavonteesed Mon 25-May-15 08:21:29

Romey, hope you have a better week.

I Can't seem to pout my weight on the spreadsheet, will try again later as I can see that other have.

I am down 2.4lbs this week so really happy with that, another daily weigher, I find it really interesting I was at this weight by thursday ast week and then it went back up by nearly the whole amount.
I think I am goiing to stay on bootcamp a llittle longer as I really want to get a head start on the lovely slim person inside me. I went round some shops yesterday with some gorgeous friends and was very jealous when they bought nice things and none of the clothes looked good on me. I am not buying any clothes until I am where I want to be and I will get all the way there this time rather than losing a stone and saccepting it then gradulally putting it back on again.
Not going on holiday at all this year which means I can aim to be in a bikini next year.
I have either 3 or 3.5 stone to go depending on how I feel when I get there. 2 will get me into a healthy weight category.

lisbapalea Mon 25-May-15 08:36:53

Ian feeling really rough with some terrible stomach cramps which started yesterday and lasted overnight. I honestly don't know what it could be but dh thinks it may be linked to low carbing and I am worried he might be right. The cramps are quite high up in my abdomen, so not bowel related, and just feel like strange contractions on either side, every now and then, which honestly take my breath away.

I have been very strict with boot camp rules over the weekend - lots of salad, avocado, some cheese, green veg and bbq'd meat.

Keep worrying it's something like gallstones or something. (disclaimer - I don't even know what gallstones are, but seem to recall you get them when eating too much fat?!). Or could it be appendicitis?? I know nothing about medical stuff so am clearly just taking shots in the dark.

Just about to weigh in, will report back.

lisbapalea Mon 25-May-15 08:40:30

Stayed same as last week.

Stonking great headache to add yo stomach pain if that makes it any easier to diagnose?!

dillite Mon 25-May-15 08:43:49

No scales so no weight loss to report and I haven't been measuring myself either. But I am staying on BC for 2 more weeks though.

dillite Mon 25-May-15 08:46:21

By the way, is anyone else barely farting since giving up carbs?

ditavonteesed Mon 25-May-15 08:50:11

me I have barely farted, however I have also barely pooed and have returned to a state of constipation which I am not pleased with after last weeks ordeal.
This could become unamusing fairly quickly, took some senna before bed last night.

ewanhoozami Mon 25-May-15 08:58:29

Romey and Tetley sorry you've not seen results this week. But don't be disheartened. It takes some longer than others to turn their systems around to fat burning. But it will happen, if you keep up with the fat and the water.

One thing I'd advise all bootcampers against is tinkering and adjusting things in this WOE too early on especially if you're new to it or have been away for a while. Give it a chance to work in its simplest state.

A stall is only a true 'stall' when you've seen no loss despite following the rules for three or four weeks.

ewanhoozami Mon 25-May-15 09:07:49

lisa those pains sound horrible. If it's up under your ribs on the right hand side and maybe travelling around to your back then gallstones is a possibility.

NB they're not caused by high fat intake; more commonly they're caused by extended periods of low fat diets reducing bile release and creating bile sludge build up in the gallbladder leading to stone formation. The problem sometimes comes when you start eating a healthy amount of fat again and the gallbladder has to try and do its job while all backed up. And it complains painfully.

I'm not saying that's what's happening with you but do go to your GP if it keeps happening.

cathyandclaire Mon 25-May-15 09:13:33

I can't click on the website either Dita
[flowers to all feeling unwell or despondent] weight loss on this woe doesn't happen linearly but in wooshes. If weigh in was yesterday I'd have gained but suddenly overnight I lost 3 lbs, I'm trying to work what I did differently and I think it was drinking more water and some rigorous gardening...
Lisba gall bladder pain tends to be felt on your right under the ribs, or centrally ( not on the left though) and can spread to the shoulder, drink plenty of fluid and maybe stick to lighter less fatty meals today and see how it goes, obviously see your doctor if you're getting worse.

cathyandclaire Mon 25-May-15 09:15:33

The stoning great headache sounds a little carb-flu ish, it's like a hangover without the fun grin drink plenty of fluids and make sure you get salts too.

lisbapalea Mon 25-May-15 09:20:34

Hmm maybe it's not gallstones based on those descriptions. My over-active imagination might be leading me up the garden path...

I have a peppermint tea and just had some coyo and berries (bc light rules today I think). Didn't particularly enjoy eating it as wasn't really hubgry but thought I might need to add something into my system to see if it maybe helps move the pain along and out.

We're going out today for MILs birthday so I am a bit nervous a) of food options and not causing a fuss and b) not writhing around in pain if I get one of these weird spasms while at the table.

Hoping that lots of water will help in some way before we leave.

lisbapalea Mon 25-May-15 09:21:43

I did wonder about carb flu but I have been doing this for about 5weeks now so isn't it a bit late to get carb flu?

Hissy Mon 25-May-15 09:49:11

I forgot to weight myself before chugging TWO bloody great big glasses of water, so appear to be up on the scales, but feel lighter...

I'll weigh myself tomorrow am, and put the weight in then.

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