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How low carb worked for me eventually!

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Achooblessyou Sun 10-May-15 07:40:28

Just thought I'd share in case it's useful to anyone...

Did low carb for 18 months but didn't lose apart from the initial glycogen loss. Loved it though - less uncontrollable hunger, less peaks and troughs and lots of lovely cheese, eggs, meat and veggies. And maintained weight where I'd been putting it on before despite eating loads. Another problem I had though was constipation. Flax seed just didn't do it for me.

Then decided I must lose weight for holiday I'm going on in 2 weeks. So about 6 weeks ago started to calorie count as well as low carb - 1300 calories a day (plus milk in coffee which I don't count - abt 6 cups a day I'm afraid).

And it is working! I used to hate diets, feel weak, get mouth ulcers, feel totally miserable. But on low carb it's been totally manageable and I feel I can go on for a long time. I'm still hungry, sometimes really hungry, but it's not bothering me so much because my body is coping really well.

Typical day-

30g bran flakes or 2 egg veggie omlette (about 200 calories - I don't put a lot of butter/cheese in the omlette like I used to)
Salad with ham or coleslaw (about 300 calories) loads of lettuce, cucumber, celery to make it huge!
Meat/oily fish with grilled veggies/swede mash/lots of steamed white cabbage which really fills me up!

9lb down another 9lb to go!!!

ditavonteesed Sun 10-May-15 08:08:41

well done, I am only on my first week but I have logging everything on myfitnesspal as I dont want to get out of the habit and although I am not trying to eat to a calorie goal I have found my calories everyday have been under 1500 even with all the loveely high fat foods.

sebsmummy1 Sun 10-May-15 08:14:35

This makes sense, as much asi always wanted to believe calories don't count, for me they always do.

I've lost 10lbs with weight watchers in a month and I feel as though I've hound something that allows me to eat all food groups so I'm happy. Directly I cut something out I just crave it and eventually binge on it. So it's easier to just eat it occasionally.

Dumdedumdedum Sun 10-May-15 13:39:24

Congratulations on the loss and thank you for the tip! I have been trying out low-carbing and I think I've probably been a little too heavy on the butter and cream. I have also been eating too much, I think, quite simply. I think I'll start the bootcamp tomorrow and make a record of everything I eat just to get an idea of the amount of calories I'm eating, even if not strictly adhering to a low calorie diet as such.

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