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Can I give you a quick overview of my first week?

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ditavonteesed Sat 09-May-15 09:24:25

so I have now completed 4 days lchf diet, I have not been hungry in fact I havent even thought about food which is so nice. I have been bursting with energy, the house is spotless due to me bobbing around doing stuff all the time. I have changed my bed time from 10 to 11pm as I am just not tired where I would normally be exhausted by 9.30 and forcing my eyes to stay open.
My IBS has calmed right down I have not been bloated (and dont think I have even trumped and I am normally a complete gas bag sorry for tmi). I normally gain a dress size by the end of the day due to my stomach being so bloated.
Lastly the bit I know you really want to know I am 5lbs down.
The drastic change is making me wonder if i am actually gluten intolerant as the energy increase is immense. I am so pleased and intend to keep this woe forever now I havent felt this lively ever.
Looking forward to starting bootcamp on Mon and having some friends to do this with.

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