Couple of quick questions abou LCHF...

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CobbOnn Mon 13-Apr-15 18:14:02

Just getting started- have a tonne of baby weight to shift before ttc a second, a few things I'm not sure of;

Tea and coffee- where do you stand on these?

Salami rather than ham as a snack, or too processed?

Read about too much dairy. What would this look like? How would I know if im having too much?

LC but only medium fat- would this mean less weight loss?

High fat but still possibly not low enough carb. Does this mean weight gain?

Sorry so brief- about to bath the baby.

Thanks in advance

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senrensareta Mon 13-Apr-15 18:23:01

You need BIWI for the definitive answers but I might know the answer to a one. High fat but not low enough carb WILL cause weight gain, it is the combination of fat and carbs that is the worst thing of all. Low carb high fat is a brilliant way to lose weight but it is not forgiving if you have even a few too many carbs

SayraT Mon 13-Apr-15 19:14:02

Tea and coffee- where do you stand on these?

As long as you don't have loads and loads its fine, I have 1 coffee with cream and 2 mugs of tea. Remember no milk though, either black or with cream/nut milk.

Salami rather than ham as a snack, or too processed?

Ham is processed too and both are ok in small quantities and depending on what else you've eaten that day. i.e. you wouldn't want to have bacon for breakfast, sausages for lunch and chicken wrapped in param ham for dinner as well as salami for a snack.

Read about too much dairy. What would this look like? How would I know if im having too much?

This varies person to person. Some people need to have very little dairy, others can tolerate more. If you aren't losing weight but are having lots of dairy i.e. yogurt, cream and cheese every meal every day then cut it out. If you lose weight then it was probably too much dairy. Add one item in at a time or limit yourself to one/two dairy items per day. Some people find certain types of dairy stall them and others don't.

LC but only medium fat- would this mean less weight loss?

Hmm, weight loss might be slower but more importantly you would probably be hungrier as the fat wouldn't be filling you up. Also if you ate protein:fat:carbs then you might still put on weight and too much protein is not good for kidneys either.

High fat but still possibly not low enough carb. Does this mean weight gain?

Depends, everyone is different. You don't need to be in ketosis to lose weight so you don't need to be ultra low in carbs. I think 20-50g per day should be about average but some people can tolerate up to 100g carbs per also depends how much weight you have to lose. Other BCers have had to go below 20g per day to lose the last few lbs.

SayraT Mon 13-Apr-15 19:15:24

Yes, as senren said if you have high fat and carbs then you will gain weight.

CobbOnn Mon 13-Apr-15 20:28:08

Thanks. Some great answers.

I can't open BIWIs spreadsheet on my phone, so apologies if I seem to be asking obvious questions.

Why can't I have a splash of milk in my tea? Say, 3 times a day.

OK, ill aim for below 50g of carb, one dairy per day and see how I get on.

I'm a little concerned about feeling unwell over the next few weeks, as I adjust to LCHF- have a busy full time job and a toddler. Do you have any tips for getting through the early stage?

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SayraT Mon 13-Apr-15 20:57:24

Why don't you come and join us on the inbetween BCs thread

Milk is 5g carbs and 1g fat per 100ml and double cream is 1.6g carbs and 50.5g fat per 100ml so fulfils the HFLC aspect of BC. You might use more milk in your tea than you think! I use about 40ml cream in my coffee which is much more than I thought I used.

A splash might not be a problem but it depends on the size of your splash, and cream is much nicer as well grin

Some people don't get any carb flu but best bets are to just keep on, drink plenty of water and if you feel dizzy it might be salt etc that you are missing so make up a drink of stock. I just use a stock cube and hot water.

Have you just started LCing? You don't need to count carbs on BC, just stick with things that are below 4g/100g carbs, drink a minimum of 3 litres of water per day and make sure you eat fat. Add butter to veg, fry meat and eat the fat, if you roast chicken eat the skin.

LotusLight Wed 15-Apr-15 09:24:25

Good advice above. I don't have dairy products as they make my nose run and don't like tea or coffee so don't have those. I would not eat sometimes like salami as I like pure normal healthy natural paleo type foods with nothing added at all but I am sure you can find a good brand with no sugar added or wheat. Check labels.

LC but only medium fat- would this mean less weight loss? No, usually the other way round as high fat and medium protein is what fills you up meaning you eat fewer calories. However some people have iron will and can simply eat a lot less even without high fat.

Good luck with it.


BIWI Thu 16-Apr-15 09:12:53

I see Sayra has answered all the questions, so I'll just jog on grin

Good luck though.

BIWI Thu 16-Apr-15 09:13:40

... oh, and I can't claim credit for the spreadsheet. It's the very lovely Sayra who has made this the thing of beauty that it is.

CobbOnn Thu 16-Apr-15 15:55:06

Thank you.

Managed a quick look at spreadsheet and I'm on board.

Yes, just starting out. Day 3 proper. Really enjoying it- especially the cream in coffee and slathers of mayo on everything.

I don't have scales so can't regularly weigh myself- I'm going by clothes and the amount of chub around waistband, bra strap etc.

If the "bacon and eggs" diet really works, I will be over the moon. All my favourite foods, and lots of salad and veg. Just missing a g and t on a lovely sunny evening, but i'm going to be strict for now. If this is going to work, I want maximum impact to start with.

Will join Sayras thread- or just continue lurking, as it's really motivating, and some fab recipe ideas.

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Fauxlivia Fri 17-Apr-15 10:12:03

I have a couple of g&t with diet tonic per week and it hasn't affected weight loss as far as I can tell. Everything else I eat is very low carb and I have given up sugar completely bar what exists naturally in food.

I know the g&t is cheating a bit but I figure this is a forever life change and I stand more chance of sticking to it if I don't give up everything I like.

CobbOnn Fri 17-Apr-15 17:17:46

Do u think gin and diet tonic is the lowest carb drink? I'm hoping to go on a night out in about 6 weeks, and will want a good drink. Hoping to be well and truly low carbing, but don't want to cause damage with carby drinks.

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miffy49 Fri 17-Apr-15 17:35:31

I'm not a drinker now due to health issues but a lot of low carbers seem to favour vod and sod (vodka and soda). I think it avoids the sweeteners in the diet tonic triggering sugar cravings.

Biwi will no doubt be along to warn you that alcohol is funny stuff. Its not strictly a carb but your body can use it as fuel and it will choose to use the alcohol in preference to any real food in the system. It can cause stalls in some people and it can cause a bit of a gain for a few days. Its probably the first place to look if things start to go haywire.

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